Monday, April 27, 2009

What a Weekend! Proms & Cars & Poles, oh My!

The weather was beautiful here in Teeny Tiny Town this past weekend. Unfortunately, I've been fighting a massive attack of the sinuses, so my enjoyment of the weather has been taken down a notch or two.

Saturday was the Senior Prom night for #1 son's class. My oldest baby will be graduating in June, leaving for a summer job the week after that and then starting college across the state in Aug. Snapping pics of him in the yard before he left to go meet his date and take the limo to Prom was a bittersweet moment. In just over a month, he's done with high school and moving on with his life as a young adult.....and he can't WAIT to go!

And neither can I.

I mean it.

A small part of me is sad to see him grow out of his childhood.

But mostly I am glad he is ready to venture out into the world on his own as a man.

My job is done.

Well, not really....more like my old job has become obsolete.

My job has changed from raising him and instilling the things in him that we feel are necessary, to one of support. To be there when he needs advise, or direction or 20

To put it into business jargon, I've moved from the manufacturing of this product to the customer support/service for this product.

Anyway, here are a few pics of our soon-to-be BMOC(=Big Man on Campus) in his Prom duds....

And ever the family comedian, here is his Captain Morgan photo....

After #1 son left for the Prom festivities, I took the daughter out for some driving practice.
It was NOT a good ride. I had her stop at the CVS, and as she was pulling into the parking place out front, her foot slipped off the brake and hit the accelerator.
And when I say she HIT, I mean HIT!!

She hit the metal pole holding the awning over the front of the store.
We had on our seatbelts and are fine.
The pole, awning and store are fine.

My car is another story......

The estimate I received from the Body Shop guy today is in the ballpark of 3 THOUSAND DOLLARS!




I think my sinuses spontaneously cleared after hearing that number.......

And it could be more once he gets the hood up and checks the frame inside. He didn't want to chance lifting the hood, as I had somewhere else to go and he might not have been able to get it closed, so we could be talking a couple more Thousand.

I'm Not liking this ballpark.



  1. Oh No!!! Are y'all ok? Be sure and see how you feel 24 hours later. That's usually when all the stiffness sets in. Take lots of ibuprofen and a hot, relaxing bath. Who needs a Calgon moment more than you? :)

  2. Your son is very nice looking and your van is not. You poor kid!

  3. I had a wreck similar to that a few years ago. I hit a dog, and the front end did not look all that damaged. It was dented some. The air bag came out though, and that combined with the damage the shop found totaled my car. For a dog! I say ack too. I hope someone can fix it cheaper for you.

  4. ohhh, boy, that looks nasty! So glad no one was hurt, but yes, teaching kids to drive can be one painful lesson for the grown-up in the car -- I know! Here's hoping the estimate won't go up any further!!!

  5. Lisa Pie,
    We are fine. Just a tad sore from where the seatbelts were across our chests. Luckily I have AMPLE built-in 'air bags'.lol
    Thanks for the sympathy. Monetary donations are also good.lolol
    It's a real fluke that the air bags didn't go off like in your accident. The pole hit right in between the sensors "Rick" at the auto body shop said. Lucky for us, huh? Luckily we have mucho insurance so this won't cost us much.
    I'm so Pretty,
    Thanks for the commisserating. We still have #2 son to teach to drive. I think I'll need valium before I get in the car with him.lolol


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