Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sluggy's Beef Pie Casserole Recipe

This is a variation of Shepherd's Pie I invented. I found Shepherd's Pie was too 'heavy' with the doughy or the mashed potatoes topping. I like this lighter tasting variation.



1lb. Ground Beef
1 med. Onion, chopped
1/2 lb. Carrots, chopped
1/2lb. Green Beans (You can substitute yellow or wax beans or peas as well)
2 cups Water(for boiling veggies)
2 Cans Tomato Soup
1 Beef Bouillion Cube(or Beef Stock-about 1 cup)
2 Boxes Cornbread Mix(Jiffy sized)
2 Eggs
2/3 cup Milk

Preheat Oven to 400 degrees.

Brown your Ground Beef. Remove from pan and set aside.

Using some of the grease from the meat, Saute your chopped onion in the same pan.

When done, add your chopped carrots and green beans, water & bouillion cube. (If using beef stock, reduce the water used in half.)
Let this boil until the veggies are cooked, adding more water so it does not boil dry.(If you use frozen carrots and beans you do NOT have to boil the veggies. Just add veggies to the onion and warm them to defrost.)
If there is water in your pan after the carrots & beans are cooked, pour it off.

Add the Tomato Soup & mix in. Do NOT dilute the soup with water.

Add the cooked Ground Beef.

Pour the veggie/beef/tomato soup mixture into a large baking dish.

Prepare the Cornbread mix according to package directions(using the eggs & milk).
Drop spoonfuls of Cornbread mixture onto your beef/veggie mixture, covering it with the cornbread mixture.

Cook in a 400 degree oven for 20-25 minutes, until the cornbread is done.

Makes 6 Servings.

*If you don't eat red meat, substitute ground chicken or turkey for the ground beef. (Use a bit of olive oil to brown the chicken or turkey.)
**If you have sodium concerns use beef stock instead of bouillion cubes and reduced salt tomato soup.

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  1. Hey there! I had to switch my menu around a bit due to some last minute schedule conflicts, so I'm making the crockpot meatloaf tomorrow (Thurs) instead of tonight. I planned on posting the recipe so I will post it tomorrow morning! I LOVE MY CROCKPOT! HEHE


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