Friday, April 24, 2009

And it Came to Pass.....KMart Super Doubles Round #4

"And it came to pass that on the Fifth Day, in the Land of Teeny Tiny Town, that the beast, Peanut the Beagle, came to Sluggy in a vision. He spoke into her ear, "BOW WOW-WOW!"
Which in the language of the humans translates to, "Hey! Get over to KMart post haste and see if they hath restocked the Pet Food Aisle....I'm wasting away & the Kibble Barrel doth need refilling!"
So the human set out toward the Great Hall of Savings, in the Land of KMart, during the Great Time of Super Doubles, in April, the year of our Lord 2009.
Sluggy found the Aisle of Milk & Kibble overflowing with many a tasty treat. She gleaned from the shelves a quantity of Doggy Manna sufficient for the Angelic Trio of Hounds & Chihuahuas, along with a small assortment of other Earthly treats for the Humans of the Tribe.
Sluggy returned home & brought forth her bounty and there was much rejoicing & a choir of howling in the Land of Teeny Tiny Town." by now you've noticed that my KMart Shopping this week has taken on a certain CANINE Quality, has it not? My puppies are loving me ALOT lately.....lolol
Round 4 looked like this....
4x Pedigree Dog Food @ $5.19=$20.76
2x Goodlife Cat Treat @ $2.00=$4.00(for the Cat SPCA Donation)
2x Rachel Ray Dog Food @ $8.99=$17.98
1x Glade TriScents @ $4.49=$4.49(for #2 son's smelly room)
4x Viatmin Water @ $1.00=$4.00
2x Quaker Snacks @$2.50=$5.00
2x BC Frosting @ $1.79=$3.58
Coupons Used....
$5 off $50 Kmart Purchase=$5.00
4x Pedigree Dog Food @$1.50/1=$6.00 doubled to $12.00
2x Good Life Cat Treat @$1.00/1=$2.00 doubled to $4.00
2x Rachel Ray Dog Food @ $3.50/1=$7.00 doubled to $14.00
1x Glade Product @$4.00/1=$4.00 doubled to $4.49
2x Viatmin Water @$.50/1=$1.00 doubled to $2.00
1x Quaker Snacks @ $1.00/1=$1.00 doubled to $2.00
1x Quaker Snacks @ $.50/1=$.50 tripled to $1.50
2x BC Frosting @ $.55/1=$1.10 tripled to $3.30
Coupon Subtotal=$48.29
Total before Qs...$56.67
Remembered to use the rest of the $ on the Gift Card this time!
$8.38-$2.77 GC=$5.61
A little more OOP than Round #3 but it's all good.
And on the Fifth Day, during the time of Super Doubles, Sluggy rested.
But the Siren Song of Savings lured her back into the Land of KMart on the evening of the Sixth Day, during the Time of the Super Doubles.
Round #5, Coming Up....

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