Wednesday, April 24, 2019

And the Winners Are.........

So I nabbed Ex-College Boy a little bit ago before he flew out the door to a job interview.
Be thankful he had one today or this post might not have gone live until after 5pm. lololz

He picked the winners by drawing names out of a hat.

For Giveaway #1 for new readers and all non-winners.
The Winner is.........

Crystal K!!!

And for Giveaway #2 for folks who have already won before and folks who sent new readers to enter Giveaway #1.
The Winner is.......

Belinda who blogs at Frugal Workshop!!!

Congratulations to both Crystal K and Belinda! 

Now I need both of you to email me with your full names and mailing addresses.
Belinda I also need to you to give me a list of what you want in your box too. ;-)

And as always thank you to everyone who plays along and everyone who reads this tiny blog(some days I don't know why you do but I am humbled and thankful that y'all do).

And thanks for all the good suggestions y'all sent in with your entries and/or emailed to me.  I'll be going through all those comments/ideas and writing up some stuff in the coming weeks.

Now I am off to the grocery store as it's Wednesday and that's what I do on Wednesday dontchaknow. ;-)

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Oh how neat! Thank you so much, Sluggy. I sent you and email. Congratulations to Crystal K for winning too. :)

  2. FUN!!! Thank you!! I will email you.

  3. Congrats to the winners! Have fun at the grocery store Sluggy!

  4. Congratulations to Crystal and Belinda!

  5. Tell him no donuts for him when I get there.

  6. Congrats to you both. Sluggy finds the best give away items for her boxes. We read for the tips and stay for the company!


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