Saturday, January 16, 2016

What I Bought at Rite-Aid This Week

Well I resisted going to Rite-Aid until Friday and then I gave in.
Since I really didn't NEED anything I tried my best to stay home.

But the siren song of really cheap stuff that I could potentially sell for a profit got the better of me. lolz

This week Huggies diapers were on sale for $7.99 and you received $3 in Plenti points for every 2 packs you bought.
Limit of 2 offers per card so potentially you could earn $6 in points, plus another $10 in points since buying 4 on your card meant you "spent" $31.96, so you qualified for the $10 in Bonus points as you spent over $30 on "Starting Points" items.
Using 4 x $2/1 Huggies IPQ your total before tax came down to $23.96 so after new Points earned of $16.00 you are out $7.96 + tax.
But if you bought 4 packs of Huggies in the same transaction you also earned a $10 Catalina from Huggies which is good on your next order!
This makes this deal before taxes a $2.04 moneymaker.

I went to do this deal on each of our two household cards except things didn't go quite as planned.
I meant to roll the first $10 Catalina I got and use it in my second diaper order on the second card.

First order--
4 x Huggies=$31.96
4 x $2/1 Qs used=$8.00
$31.96-$8=$23.96 use Plenti Points.
Earned $16.00 in new Plenti Points and a $10 Catalina.

Second order--
4 x Huggies=$31.96
4 x $2/1 Qs used=$8.00
1 x $10 Cat used=$10.00
$31.96-$18=$13.96 use Plenti Points.
Earned $16.00 in new Plenti Points and a $10 Catalina.

$37.92 in Plenti Points spent.
$32.00 in new Plenti Points earned and 1 $10 Catalina.

But the cashier finished the 2nd transaction before I handed her the $10 Catalina so I ended up spending $47.92 Plenti Points, getting $32 in new Plenti Points and having 2 x $10 Catalinas when I was done.
Well, I also bought a bottle of Vaseline in the first diaper transaction too....$2.99, used a $2/1 ManuQ and got $1 in Plenti points back so this on it's own was a .01¢ moneymaker.

Since I had 2 $10 Cats when I was done  buying the diapers I bought......
2 x Viva paper towel 6 packs on sale BOGO so $12.79 for both
I used a $1/1 Viva ManuQ making my total $11.79.
I used a $10 Catalina making my total $1.79 + tax.
I earned a $3 Catalina for buying 2 Vivas in a single transaction(even though 1 is free it still counts toward your total items bought).

I had $1.96 tracking on the card from buying the 4 packs of diapers toward a second $10 Bonus Plenti pts. wyb $30, add in the $12.79 and my tracking is at $14.75.

So I rinsed and repeated the Viva transaction and added 3 boxes of protein/cereal bars.
Special K bars and cereals were 3/$8 at Rite-Aid.  There was an in-ad Q for $3 off wyb 3, making them $5, plus I found a $1/2 IPQ Special K bars and activated a $1/2 Special K bars rebate offer on my SavingStar account.
The second Viva transaction was $20.79-$5 in Qs=$15.79-$10 Cat=$5.79 + tax.
I earned another $3 Catalina for buying 2 Viva and another $10 Bonus Plenti points Offer for spending over $30 total this week.
Plus I'll get another $1 in my SavingStar account later this week.

Total spent in Plenti Points w/tax....$57.90
Total earned in new Points...........$43.00
Total Catalinas remaining...............$6.00
Total SavingStar Rebates earned.....$1.00

So after all my rebates/cats/new points I "spent down" my Plenti points by $7.90.
Or 8 packs of diapers, 4 packs of paper towels, 1 bottle of lotion and 3 boxes of protein bars cost me $7.90.

As for what the plans are the all those diapers?
Either I'll hold onto them in the hopes that one of my older kids gets pregnant in the near future(Hey! I can hope, right?)or I can be sensible and either give them to the food bank or sell them via the town's online marketplace.  I sold a bunch of packs of diapers a few years ago that I had gotten for free at Rite-Aid so I figure I can make about $32-$40 that way off of the diapers, which would make all this a nice big fat moneymaker.  8-)))

I may go back later today and get 3 more bottles of Vaseline lotion as I have 3 more ManuQs and each one is a .01¢ moneymaker so why not?
I can add them to the food bank donation I am gathering this month.



  1. it would be lovely of you to donate them to the food bank as they are always crying out for those, baby food and all sorts of toiletries. You did well again.

  2. You are always generous with donations year round but I might sell those - definitely would sell quickly.

  3. what on earth shall you do with the huggies?

  4. Sell the diapers and use the money for more bargains.

  5. I think you should sell the diapers and use the money to come see me. Den came in the bedroom the other night and told me to call your hubs because there is a beer riot happening at the end of the month at our liquor store.

  6. I think you should donate the diapers and be a blessing to some poor mother I think I just heard Sonya Ann gag?


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