Monday, January 4, 2016

To-Do List.....December Update

Let's take a look at how I did crossing off the To-Do List in December.

Have Car Tuned Up  PASS!  Got it done the first week in December.  Everything on the car was AOK. 8-)

Clean out Basement  PASS!  We got decomposing cardboard boxes cleaned out and old junk that needed throwing away tossed.  We also removed old wooden pallets that were down there when we moved in and Hubs cleaned up some mold on the floor/walls.
Now I just need to decide what to do with all my ceramic molds down there and all my bisqueware still unpainted from when I had my ceramic studio.

Pick up College Boy  PASS!  Got him early December.  The weather was good so no worries getting this done safely.

Put up Xmas Lights(outside)  PASS!  Hubs got it all up while the weather was unseasonably warm.

Put up Xmas Tree & Decorate  PASS!  Tree went up and we slowly decorated it and the house(what little I do)after College Boy came home.

Mail Daughter's Bday Gift  PASS!  Mailed and received well before the birthday.

Write Xmas Cards  PASS! Done in plenty of time to.....

Mail Xmas Cards  PASS!  Mailed out and they all arrived as far as I know well before Dec. 25th.

Finish Xmas Shopping  PASS!  Except for Hubs it was all done long ago.  He waits until the last minute to give me his wishlist but it was all stuff I could run out locally and get without going to a big box store or the mall so it's all good.  8-)

Wrap Xmas Presents  PASS!  Done well ahead of Dec. 25th.

Mail out Xmas Presents  PASS!  Only a couple of things needed to be mailed and went out 2 weeks before Xmas.  Daughter's Xmas presents were mailed earlier in the month when I sent her birthday presents.....about the only advantage of having a Dec. birthday is combined shipping costs. lolz

Have a December Giveaway  PASS!  Yep.

Pick a Giveaway Winner  PASS!  Yep again.

Mail out Giveaway Box  PASS!  Mailed out the day after winner contacted me and received well before the end of December.

Bike 45 Miles  PASS!  Even with being away for a week at the end of December I got in a few miles past my goal........

Pay Bills  PASS!  All paid and on time as per usual.....

Gather Salvation Army Donations #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6  PASS!  I was on a roll in December and made 6 trips with no longer needed items to charity.

A sampling of what left the house in December...........

Take in Salvation Army Donations #1-#6  PASS!  6 Loads gathered AND taken up within a day or two of getting the loads gathered.
Even with this flurry of donations we might not have enough deductions to itemize this year on our tax return, when added to our cash donations and taxes paid, etc.  Oh well....that's not the main reason to donate but it would be nice to see a financial benefit too.

Take Xmas Trip  PASS!  It was a quick trip to see family in Virginia.  A bit of a ride but worth it and the weather cooperated until the last hour driving home.

                          Hubs snuck a photo of me stirring fudge.

Bake Xmas Goodies  PASS!  I don't usually bake many Xmas goodies but I do make a few....mostly pies and a couple of kinds of cookies and my bourbon fudge.
This year since we were going to be leaving 2 days after Xmas and I wasn't about to drag pies, cookies and fudge along for the ride, I only made 1 type of cookie and that was mostly for College Boy as it's his favorite cookie.  I did also make the fudge for gift giving but I bought desserts for Xmas dinner instead of making pies.  There were modest amounts of treats and I think I struck the proper balance on that this Season.

Inventory Stockpile  FAIL!  Yep, 1 big old red fail this month.  There was a lot of food/toiletries/HBA/paper goods coming in this month but with all the other demands on my time I barely got things put away let alone inventoried.  Oh well......this gives me something to do in January, right?  Not like I have much on my plate this month--just TAXES and FAFSA and all that entails.  yuck.  8-(

So we got through December with practically everything on my list taken care of.
Now THAT'S the way I like to end the year!  8-)))

Off I go to write up the January To-Do List.....ok, maybe that can wait until tomorrow since I have some shopping to do today.

How did you do with your To-Do List for December?



  1. You rocked it! In Canada we don't receive an income tax deduction from donating goods unfortunately but we still all do take our donations in. We do receive a donation from cash donations starting from dollar $1 and we made a larger than normal donation to our local Sally Ann as they really do a lot for the needy in our community. I see them at it almost every day :)

  2. I didn't have much of a plan for December, just mainly tried to get through it. And we did. I didn't get cards mailed out or make a single gift like I usually do.
    But January is off to a much better start.

    You did great! I love reading accomplishments

  3. Wow! Very impressive and you still made time to blog, which I appreciate immensely. You have had quite a history. Ceramics studio? Is that in your archives or previous to blogging?

  4. I need to get a few containers for under our bed. I flipped the mattress over and it was actually still pretty organized, I just want some better storage containers. DJ's room is in need of something. Well, getting rid of him will be the first step to organizing it.

  5. Guess what? I don't have to do a FAFSA any more! Happy happy joy joy dance. send me recipe for bourbon fudge please.

  6. One fail.. that's spectacular! Great job.
    I also did last minute shopping for my husband. Same reason. LOL

  7. I am impressed! You got all but one thing crossed off the list, wow!
    TheHub never gives me ideas until about the 23. This year he mentioned only 2 things, but tonight he went shopping for a shirt he needs and now says he needs a new black belt. ARRRRRGH!

  8. You got a lot done! That's great! It's good to get rid of any mold in the house, especially if you plan to sell in a few years. Any sign of it and you can lose a sale after an inspection.


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