Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 Yearly Goals....How Did I Do?

Here's a recap of my 11 Yearly Goals from 2015.......some day I'll finish up with 2015 recaps but not today. lolz

*  Save $28K of our income this year.
PASS!  Yep, we put away into savings a wonderful $40K in 2015.  

*  Sew and COMPLETE 8 Projects.
PASS!  I made 1 nightgown, 5 pair of  pajama bottoms and 2 pair of shorts(jams).  This doesn't include the repairing and hemming pants sewing I did in 2015.  Yes, I could have gotten more sewing done but I hit the bare minimum goal at least.

*  Lose 40 pounds.
FAIL!  This didn't happen at all.  Well I did lose 15 lbs. at one point in the year but it found me again.  While I didn't lose any weight I did start exercising regularly and I feel better overall.

*  Have eye surgery.
PASS!  Had both eyes done and everything is healed and I see better than I have in 2 years.

*  Go on at least 5 trips for pleasure.
PASS!  We took 2 big road trips(to Louisiana and to Illinois), visited my brother in Virginia with College Boy last January, went to the Family Reunion in Virginia and visited family again in Virginia during the Christmas Holidays.  I also went to Virginia to find Eldest son an apartment and Hubs and I went back to help move him, so technically it was 7 trips but only 5 were pleasure trips.

*  Have 2 House Repair/Improvement Projects completed.
The Bathroom Redo didn't happen but the Outdoor Landscaping Project did.
We have the cash sitting here waiting to spend on the bathroom we just didn't pull the trigger on it.

*  Get rid of 6 boxes of possessions plus some larger items that need disposing of.
PASS!  I sent 11 loads of stuff to charity plus a car load to the Food Bank.  This is well over 6 boxes of possessions.  We also took some of Daughter's stuff to her in LA and then I mailed her some other things. Toiletries were also given to daughter, son and brother in-law.

*  Complete 1 crochet project.
FAIL!  Nope, I didn't even work on it at all during the year.  The project, hook and the yarn sat here right next to my desk all year and I just didn't 'feel it'.  Sad Fail......

*  Reorganize our Personal Files.  Hubs was in charge of filing stuff.
PASS!  I took over the filing thought I should have worked on it more frequently throughout the year it is better and doesn't pile up as badly.  I spent a large amount of time on it back in Jan./Feb. 2015 and purged a lot of  old needless paper.  

*  Start an exercise program and do it every month.
PASS!  I started mid March and have exercised every month without fail.  Of course Sept. and Oct. I did very little(Sept. I hurt my foot and part of Oct. I was in PT and not allowed to bike and the other part of the month I wasn't home w/my equipment.)but I did something every month. And by exercise it doesn't include just walking around or taking walks which I also did. 8-)

*  Gardening.
BARELY PASS.  The garden was a partial success this year.  We only put veggies in the back bed and not the front one(put flowers out front).  Our tomato crop and green beans were a bust but the summer squash and collards did fabulously!

I am going to call 2015 a GOOD Year for my Goals as I passed 8.5 and only failed at 2.5 of them.  Now to come up with 2016 Goals to add to what I didn't get done in 2015.

Did you get something accomplished in 2015 that you set out to do?
Tell us about it in the comments.  8-)



  1. I give myself a pass on my 2015 goals. I accomplished a lot of them, but not some of the most critical ones (lose 15 pounds, I'm thinking of ;-)).

  2. I completed the goal of going to see my Sluggy! Pretty awesome I'll tell you.

  3. Brava!
    I had over a dozen resolutions and hardly met a one. This is easily explained - I did not keep on top of them, nor structure myself to acheive them. I will do better with this year's crop.

  4. You did a good job even with all the things you did not accomplish.


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