Tuesday, January 5, 2016

My Shopping Finds This Past Week

While I didn't go grocery shopping per se while on vacation I did find a few things to buy.

First was Rite-Aid............

I did the P&G Deal and got $10 in extra Plenti points in Delaware on the way to Virginia last Sunday which meant NO SALES TAX! rah.
Imagine there is a second bottle of Tide in that photo.  I gave it to Eldest son so it never made it home to PA. lolz  Spent $18.63 in Plenti points, earned $20.00 in new Plenti points.

We stopped in Delaware at a Roses to find fruitcake and it was 50% off so I bought 7(1 for my Eldest son is missing in this photo).  Also no sales tax on that purchase.

I'm glad I bought it since it's still $4.99 a bar up here at Weis(PMITA)Markets.  They STILL haven't put it on sale and the reg. price at Rose's was only $3.99.

A liquor store Hubs stopped at while still in Delaware took $45.97 of our vacation $.
And then to add insult to injury I left my half full new bottle of Bailey's at my son's apartment. sigh.

I discovered I forgot my bath scrubby on a stick thing somewhere around Maryland so we hit a Big Lots along the way for a new one to the tune of $3.18.(sales tax-boo!)

Once we got to Virginia I did the P&G Deal again on the other card.

Imagine there is a second package of razors and 2 more Pantene since I gave those to Eldest son also and they didn't make it home to PA.

$23.24 spent in Plenti points and $20.00 earned in new points.
I had to spend $3.99 extra in this transaction on a 5th bottle of Pantene(though I didn't need it to hit the spend $30 mark for the $10 in Bonus points for buying "Starting Points" items)to be able to use my second Pantene coupon.
That's ok though as any amount over $30 spent will go towards the second $30 spent to get another $10 in Bonus Plenti points that week.

We spent $4 in Dollar Tree too while in Virginia on clearance Christmas items so they were all .50¢. A little wrapping paper, 1 bag of bows and some tins for packing my bourbon fudge in for gift giving next December 25th.  I also bought a soda to drink and Hubs bought a bag of cough drops=$2.12.

There were 2 more stops in Virginia for liquor which totaled $87.66.  Most of this was Hubs stuff.  I only bought that bottle of Bailey's and 2 packs of beer.  That's all the holiday liquor spending I did on myself this year.

2 different stops at Walmart for some groceries to bring home meant another $19.01 spent(I'll take that $19.01 out of my Jan. grocery budget.).
Also bought at Walmart was a lavender sweater on clearance for $11.00.

The only other shopping/spending was on Tolls, Gasoline, a Hotel Room and Restaurants/Meals.
That all came to $460.83.  The Hotel was paid last month and the Tolls were paid out of cash.
We went down the Eastern Shore to my brother's house as it is easier(less traffic than going through DC area).  But by the tolls I paid you'd think I was back in Chicagoland. UGH!
$27.20 in 3 states....only Maryland didn't levy any tolls.
Luckily we paid ZERO tolls on the route we took home.

The gas($42.91)and $192.44 of the meal spending were put on the credit card along with the Walmart shopping($30.67) and $133.63 of the liquor spending.
So $399.65 was put on the credit card and will be paid off when the bill cuts later in January.

After we got home I went up to Rite-Aid here for this stuff on Saturday to finish getting to $30 spent for that second $10 in Bonus Plenti points for that week.......

Listerine was $4.99 each(using $1/1 IPQs) and gave $3 in Plenti points wyb2, Light bulbs were $3.99(using $1/1 Load2CardQ) and gave $3 in Plenti points for each one purchased and the Bayer after 20% Wellness discount was $4.55 each(using $3 in stacked IPQs and In-Ad Qs).
All these items were qualifying "Starting Points" items toward the $10 Bonus Plenti points Deal(as was the extra Pantene bought in VA).

I used $17.97 in Plenti points and earned $16.00 in new Plenti points.  I misread the Listerine Deal details, thinking I would get $3 in points for each bottle bought.  If that was true this transaction would have been a "moneymaker", earning me $19 in new point instead of $16.

I hopped over to Dollar General in town on Saturday as well.  DG is not a store I generally shop at but there was a deal so you KNOW I was going to get there. lolz

If you sign up for DG's digital coupons they had 3 different coupons good on the Cavity Defense Oral-B toothbrushes--$6/4, $4/3 and $3/2.  The price on this particular brush is $1.50 so if they have 9 in stock you will pay just $1.50(+ tax if applicable)for all 9.
My store only had 8 so I bought 7.
7x$1.50=$10.50-$10 in digital Qs=50¢ OOP and I was charged no tax.
Fiddy cents for 7 toothbrushes.

Now who wouldn't do this transaction? lolz
This lot will either be the beginning of another food bank donation or some of these will wind up in future giveaway boxes in 2016.  '-)

Unfortunately these don't qualify toward the Crest SavingStar Rebate currently running though Oral-B manual toothbrushes DO qualify for that deal.  Just not this particular type.  If they had, that would have been a nice bonus--almost free product earning a bonus cash rebate.  8-)

So that's the shopping I did on Vacation.

I've already started the Rite-Aid shopping for this week going up on Sunday when all the Xmas stuff went to 75% off.  Lots of good deals(read FREE or cheap stuff!)this week at Rite-Aid, even on other than Xmas clearance.

Have you been doing any after Christmas deals shopping lately?
What goodies did you get?



  1. Oldest son messes with your pics. LOL
    I'm ok on supplies but I have to figure out what to do with the freezers. We are packed to the gills. Which is a good thing but I'm not a good odds and ends cooker. Does that make sense?

    1. So what is the problem with the freezers? I am trying to eat down that stuff but Weis keeps discounting meat....what's a gal to do??

  2. Tax does suck especially on groceries. Any non-food items or food items that are convenience like pop or 1 donut (versus 12 which is how they differentiate) we pay 12 percent. That is included in my food budget. Once in a blue moon my cheaper grocery store has no tax days which makes sense to shop for non food items at. And you said you did no shopping on holiday lol.

    1. Well I guess I shop everywhere. lolz But it wasn't "regular" grocery shopping and that's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;-)

      I just don't get taxes on food. PA doesn't tax then unless it's ready made stuff like you mention. They don't tax shampoo in PA unless it has a conditioner in it, then it's taxed? It's hard to understand their reasoning sometimes.

  3. So you like fruit cake huh??!! hmmm.. watch your mail.

    1. I am good on fruitcake now, thanks. Keep your devious plots to yourself. ;-)

  4. I did almost the same buy as you did with the tide and the shampoo etc. Also razors. My youngest still comes shopping at mom's.

    1. Great minds think alike!
      CB RAIDS my stash and I share with the other two kids, the BIL and nephew and take toiletry gifts when I visit people by car.....then there are the food bank donations and giveaways. I love to figure out free deals and shop them but I need to "spread the wealth" to keep the hoard in check.

  5. The 75% clearance on qt and gallon ziploc storage bags and quarter for 12 candy canes have been my only two after-Christmas purchases.

    1. Baggies are a good thing that you need and to get for cheap at the holidays. Well done.

  6. I didn't know that people actually bought fruit cake or that anyone still made it. I always thought of it as the gift that keeps getting re-gifted! LOL

    1. You just haven't had a GOOD fruitcake. It is a much maligned baked good(or door stop if you are so inclined)!
      A good fruitcake has to be very little batter to fruit and heavy on the nuts. The trappist monks in KY and Claxton's Bakery in GA make top notch cakes.


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