Friday, January 8, 2016

The After Christmas Haul....Mostly Rite-Aid

Once we got back to PA I spent a goodly amount of time earlier this week hitting all the after Christmas sales.
Well not ALL of them, just the ones at Rite-Aid(3 different stores), 1 Walmart(since I was driving by it and the parking lot wasn't a ZOO!)and 1 Weis(PMITA)Markets near that Walmart.

Here is my haul from Rite-Aid.......

The 3 shops at Rite-Aids included cologne set and women's bath set, some large metal jingle bells(for a wreath I plan on making next Christmas), 2 gift boxes of chocolates, 4 boxes of chocolate covered cherries, 1 Terry Chocolate Orange, 2 huge peppermint sticks, a Megasized 1 lb. York peppermint patty, 2 pair of Holiday toe socks, a large bag of Kisses, 4 bags of Snickers, 6 bags of PB M&Ms, 2 bags of Reese cups, 2 bags of RS coconut Santas, a snowman tin of cocoa mix, a box of peeps with a Santa Peep stuffed ornament/toy, 2 boxes of Andes mints, 3 pine candles and 1 pine air spray.
All this stuff---the cologne, bath set, peeps, York pp patty,  chocie Orange, Andes mints, 2 boxes of chocolates, socks and peppermint sticks are destined for gift giving either next Christmas or for February and April birthdays/Valentine's/Easter during this coming year.
The kisses are to make my bourbon fudge next Christmas, the PB M&M's and Snickers are destined for cookie baking.  Hershey's kisses and m&ms keep like forever it put in a cool place during the Summer. 8-)
The chocolate covered cherries are all mine however! ;-)

Also from Rite-Aid(that I couldn't fit in the photo above)I bought 3 large cinnamon candles(for burning next Fall) and assorted Christmas cards(as we were on our last 2 boxes this year).
And not pictured was one of those big decorative popcorn tins I got for College Boy to munch on until he goes back to school.

Everything was 75% off.
I keep these purchases separate from my regular Rite-Aid shopping and pay cash.
All this cost me $65.89 OOP w/tax.

The rookies descend on the sale goodies at 50% off but I wait until things go down to 75% off. 8-)

At the Walmart I stopped into I got all this for $17.48 w/tax.  The gingerbread marshmallows(most excellent in hot cocoa!)were .50¢ a bag, the peppermint M&M's(I will use for next Christmas baking)were .72¢, the mincemeat was $2.50 a jar(Hubs adores mincemeat pie and I owe him a couple of pies!), the nut tin was $4 and the nut brittle was $3.50.  The gift box was $2.47.
I don't usually splurge on $4 tins of nuts but I figured whattheheck this year! ;-)

Also picked up at Weis(PMITA)Markets was this oversized mug for $1.24(gift stash)......

3 rolls of Star Wars paper for .75¢ per roll,  Rudolph ring pops(.32¢ each)for stocking stuffers next Christmas and 2 boxes of Russell Stover's Pecan Delights for $2.49 each.  The pecan delights weren't Christmas clearance but this Weis was discontinuing to carry this variety of RS so they were 75% off.

My Valentine's Day and Easter candy spending is done!  Woot!!

Total spent at Weis.....$9.97 w/tax.

So the Christmas 2016 spending has already begun!
8 Christmas gifts already checked off my list now.

I'll keep my receipts for all this stuff separated so that when the Holidays roll around again I can add what I spent here for the Holidays to what I spend for the Holidays later this year.
Only 351 more days until Christmas......



  1. WAY Cool!!!! That was a steal on the Star Wars wrapping paper! I need to go hit the stores too...

  2. I'm a rookie. I spent #1.50 on mint M&M's. I need t stuDy and learn from you Obe Wan.

  3. Good job. It's rare I buy at 50% off after a holiday. That candy made me drool!

  4. You get the super shopper award!
    My town doesn't have a Rite Aid or I would learning the ropes to shop there.
    Giant York patties are new to me, yum!

  5. What a haul. You did terrific. I love that mug!

  6. I wait for 75% also. I figure I might miss out on the most wanted stuff, but thats ok. I can always find something I want. By Huge stock up was chocolate chips@ 90 cents per bag. My freezer is rather heavy with them now.


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