Wednesday, January 6, 2016

More Rite-Aid This Week

We went to the town South of here to hit a different Rite-Aid to do the Deals on my son's Plenti card.
The transaction was all kinds of screwed up BUT it was all screwed up in MY Favor so I'm good with that.  ;-)

Here's what I bought.........

2 x Dove poo on sale=$7.00
2 x Suave gold poo on sale=$4.98
1 x Vaseline lotion on sale=$5.99
1 x Axe body wash on sale=$3.99
1 x Axe poo on sale=$3.99
1 x Nexxus conditioner on sale BOGO50%=$10.99
1 x Nexxus poo on sale BOGO50%=$3.49
(They only had 1 Nexxus poo at the $6.99 price point unfortunately.)
SubTotal.......$40.43+ $2.07 tax=$42.50

The Nexxus and Vaseline/Dove/Axe/Suave Deals double dip for their own Deals and with the Bonus Starting Points Deals.

How it should have gone is that I gave the clerk my coupons totaling $15.00, making my new subtotal $27.50(w/tax)which I would have paid with Plenti points and I would earn $28.00 in new Plenti points, making this a .50¢ "moneymaker".

But.......when scanning my Plenti card I elected YES use my points on the screen that came up and then, after the clerk scanned all my items he hit the button to finish the transaction and deduct my points BEFORE I handed him my coupons.

So then we had a "post coupon" situation, where the clerk gave me $15 in cash for my fistful of coupons worth $15 I didn't get to use on the actual transaction.

That's fine because I'll just tuck that $15 away and consider it "points" once I exhaust all my accumulated Plenti points on this card.
No harm, no foul.

After getting home I looked at my receipt and saw that $42.50 of Plenti points was NOT deducted for my transaction(which is what my subtotal came to before coupons)but only $36.50 was deducted??
Then I looked closer and saw that $6 in Load2Card coupons had come off the transaction that neither of us had noticed. lolz

So I paid $36.50 in Plenti points and received $15 in cash back for the coupons the clerk didn't apply to my purchases, meaning with getting $28 in new Plenti points on the transaction AND $6 in electronic Qs applied to my bill, my .50¢ moneymaker turned into a $6.50 moneymaker.  8-)

Even better, I received $4 in Saving Star Rebates with this transaction too. ($2 Vaseline, $1 Axe hair, $1 Axe body wash)
This means my .50¢ moneymaker that turned into a $6.50 moneymaker had now turned into a $10.50 moneymaker! 8-)))

These "Starting Points" products bought gave me a $10 Bonus in points and I have tracking $10.43 toward a second $30 purchase for a second $10 Bonus in Plenti points.  Meaning I need to spend just $19.57 in SP products to get $10 more in Plenti points.
And if I buy products that also double dip with other Spend $X Get $X Deals I'll not really spend $19.57 in the end to get $10 in new points.
I now need to figure out how to get that last $19.57 spent the cheapest way without actually spending $19.37. 8-)

Grand Total for this week at Rite-Aid........I am "up" $31.27 combined on both Plenti cards/points/cash so far.
Earlier transaction on my card was a $20.77 moneymaker.
This transaction was a $10.50 moneymaker.

Getting paid to buy stuff rocks!


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