Wednesday, January 20, 2016

You Just Never Know

Now and again I'll send for product samples.  I don't really seek them out as much anymore since I get most of my toiletries for free after deals/coupons/sales/points at Rite-Aid.
But if I see on one of the Deal blogs that I get emails from a sample that we can use I will send for it.

Usually, if the item is one we use, the accompanying high value coupon that is sent along with the sample is worth more to me than the actual product sample.

Well it was a pleasant surprise when this Axe Deodorant sample arrived...............

Not a sample but a full sized bottle!
No coupon but this was even better.......

So send for those samples because you just never know when that sample will be a free full sized item!



  1. dh uses that, should look to see if I can get samples from them.

  2. True! Even though most of the time it is just a small sample I have gotten a few full size items before. One thing I would do though is have a dedicated email address for your online purchases and sample requests or your personal email will be flooded!

  3. That happened with a Target sample for gummy vitamins. My daughter is such a tiny thing and eats on the run, but still at 15, hates swallowing pills so gummy vitamins are perfect. Here we received a bottle of 90, enough for 45 days. We normally buy store brand in a bigger size, but this was easily worth $6. You are right-never know. No coupon with this either.

  4. I did this also and got a full size mens Dove deo.

  5. It good stuff, someone will enjoy it.


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