Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sunday at Rite-Aid

It's a great week to be shopping at Rite-Aid(sorry Cousin Sonya!).

Since College Boy had taken my car last weekend to go do some recording with his college band I had Hubs take me up to Rite-Aid on Sunday to start doing the Deals this week there.

I maxed out the Dove/Tresemme/Suave/Axe Deal Spend $12 Get $4(Limit of 2 Deals)and the Spend $30 on "Starting Points"  Items, Get $10 in Bonus Plenti Points(Limit of 2 Deals per week).  I also did the Nexus Deal "$10 in PPts. wyb2"  and the Spend $30 on Select Clairitin/Afrin/Alka-Seltzer/Bayer/Etc. Items Get $10 in PPts. Deal.  I did those last 2 Deals 1 x each.  All "regular" Deals I did also double dip with the Bonus Spend $30/Get $10 Deals as I only bought "Starting Points" items within those regular Deals.
Get it?  ;-)

I also used 2 of my $1/1 Bic writing tool ManuQs to get free pens as select Bic items are $1 this week.

Here's the haul on my card...........

This was done in two transactions since the Afrin Qs are limited to 4 of the same Q per transaction.

2 x Nexxus
3 x Dove Poos
1 x Dove Men's BodyWash
4 x Suave Gold
5 x Afrin
2 x Bic pens

Everything came to $70.45 before Qs & tax.
I had $35.98 in ManuQs to use.....a Q for each item.
$70.45-$35.98=$34.47 + .76¢ tax=$35.23

When we were grocery shopping with Eldest son in Walmart while in Virginia there was a demo person giving out samples of various dips you could make for NYE.  She also was giving out recipe/coupon booklets!

Besides the food Qs there were toiletry Qs!
Notice the rare $2/1 Nexxus Q, the BOGO Suave Gold Q and the $4/1 Vaseline Lotion Q.
I grabbed 5 booklets.  The demo person tried to make me take more as her shift was ending....silly me didn't grab ALL of them! lolz

I knew I'll be able to make use of some of these Qs before they expire the end of February! woohoo.
And wouldn't you know--some of these figured into my transactions at Rite-Aid on Sunday(The Nexxus and Suave Gold ones).

I paid my $35.23 OOP with Plenti points so Zero $ spent.

I earned $48.00 in new Plenti points(2 x $10 wyb $30 select items Bonus Deals-everything but the Bic pens qualified for that, $10 wyb2 Nexus, $10 wyb $30 in select Afrin/Bayer/Etc., 2 x $4 wyb $12 in Suave/Dove/Tresemme items)
$35.23 spent down and $48 new earned makes this a $12.77 "moneymaker".

After points earned and coupons--The Afrin was -$2.57 + tax, all the Dove/Suave items were $1.96, the Nexus items were -$2.92 and the Bic items were $0.00.
Throw in the added Bonus $10 in Plenti points x 2 and even AFTER tax we are at -$12.77.

In addition I've already gotten back as of this morning $8 in SavingStar Rebates in my account there($3 wyb2 Dove shampoos, $2 Dove Men's shampoo, $2 Dove Men's Body Wash, $1 Suave Gold product).
This makes these transactions a $20.77 "moneymaker". 8-)

$95.83 regular retail price and I get $20+ for taking it all home.

I love to get paid to buy things, don't you?  ;-)

Now I just need to go back and use my son's Plenti card to do some Deals at Rite-Aid later this week.



  1. I have never had the luck at RiteAid that you have. Maybe I should revisit. I tend to do very well at CVS. Happy New Year Sluggy!

    1. Happy New Year to you too Sandie!
      I am of the mind if you do well at one drugstore stick with that one.
      I tried to do multiple stores but it got crazy and expensive so I stick to the one I know best, R-A.

  2. Impressive!!!

    Something we have in common, would you believe that my husband has also been in the studio the past few weeks? I try to be super supportive of his music but I could have shot him when he told me he booked studio time IN DECEMBER! "Okay, honey, I'll just take that out of the virtually non-existent Christmas budget. Love you."

    I hope College Boy is recording at a friend's studio...

    1. CB went up to his college. They booked and can use the school's studio for FREE when they are not in session. Nice, right? But I only wish the college was closer and he didn't have to use my car. lolz

      Oh, the joys of living with a serious musician.... 8-(

  3. You do so well. I overbought on after Christmas sales at Target, but they had the Giardelli candy cane and chocolate, only at Christmas both mini and the larger squares at 50% off, still over $2,00 a bag, but better than $4,50 a bag, and so delicious and we stretch them out for a good month through January for treats. Also had red and white M&M's for $1.50 a bag, only 10 ounces, but still the right colors for some Valentine baking-I'm so crafty. Also bought gift bags, sorry Sonya Ann, for 70% off. I suck at wrapping odd shaped presents and we reuse gift bags in my own and extended family so these will be around for years.

    1. I got red and white M&M's at Rite-Aid for .72¢. Yes, I am a brat. lolz

      I did buy some after Xmas items for gifts for 2016 Xmas, so 2016 Holiday spending has already begun!

      I don't even TRY to get to Target after Xmas because here it's a ZOO and by the time it gets past 50% off there is nothing left.
      I did go to Walmart and various Rite-Aids though.


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