Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Week #2 Decluttering & Low Spend Challenges with Photos

 I'm taking part in Carla's February Challenges which you can find HERE.

First the Low(No)Spend Challenge.
Feb. 8....$3.50 @grocery store
Feb. 9....$0.00
Feb. 10....$0.00
Feb. 11...$25.96 @grocery store
Feb. 12....$0.00
Feb. 13...$0.00
Feb. 14...?  Hubs and I are going out to eat so I'll fill this in later.

Onward to the Decluttering.
Week 2 was a "Family Space".
I chose the Den.

Before Pictures--
The TV cabinet

 The Den shot from the kitchen for the full cluttered effect.....

Next to my desk.....

My computer desk which is in the Den.....notice the stack of crap on the printer and the bottle of coconut rum on the half wall behind  my desk.....lol

The chair behind the sofa....yes there is a chair under all that....notice the roll of Star Wars Xmas paper next to the chair(Christmas was HOW LONG AGO?!?lol).....

The top of the dog crate behind the sofa.....stuff I never put on eBay in Nov/Dec......and air fresheners I bought in Oct. at the Dollar Store that still are NOT put away.......ugh.....

The stack of newspapers on the ceramic garden seat we keep for the incontinent chihuahua and for wrapping eBay goods for shipping(either or, not for both!lol) with a box of papers that need shredding(about 5 months worth of papers)on top.....

There was a lot of stuff that was just not in the proper place.....

Like this stuff that needed to go back into the garage.....

And these things going to Salvation Army, except the bag which is prize material for giveaways.....

This box & 1/2 of eBay stuff that needs to be sorted and donated or sold.....

Another box of eBay goods to sort through......

And this stack of eBay goods.  They have all been sitting in the den around my desk since Nov.  I need to go watch some episodes of HOARDERS so I can release this crap! ;-)
The little step stool was for the chihuahua so she could get up and off the sofa(we use to keep her bed there).  We had to stop letting her up on the sofa because, though she learned how to climb the steps to her bed she still can't figure out how to climb down them to the floor(either that or she just won't use them to get off the sofa). Yes, she is brain challenged.  She will only jump off the sofa and she is old and she is injuring her legs when she jumps off.  So her bed is on the floor now to keep her safe and the steps are going to Salvation Army and not sitting unused in the den any longer.

And here are the AFTER pics of the room.....

I know the stack of newspapers looks worse now, but I sorted out all the glossy sheets and located the dog towels(for when it's raining/snowing)and the extra dog blanket in one location so it's more organized.

I still have some work to do in this room but it's vastly improved!

For the BONUS Mini Challenge this week, of writing a letter, I composed one to my eldest son at college.....
I picked up 2 bags of his favorite flavor pretzels(last month at Ollie's)and will enclose the note/letter and mail it off this week when I go to mail in daughter's tax return.....ever frugal here, doing errands together.  8-)

That's it for me.
Onward to Week #3 in a day or two.



  1. Awesome work there, Sluggy! You did such a great job. It looks like you even drank the rum too! : )

  2. Oh, I love those pretzel pieces! I can eat a whole bag in one sitting... especially the honey mustard and onion types. Thankfully, they're somewhat expensive so I cant buy them often!

    And wow, talk about before and after photos. Are you sure you took photos of the same place on those before/after shots? You did an outstanding job!

  3. Good for you, let go, give it up, don't you feel better, I know I do now that I have two large bags of crap I did not need and did not use up at the second hand store blessing some one else. Do you actually make money on E-bay?

  4. You keep talking about your Den and I keep thinking I'm on SonyaAnn's blog.

  5. Sluggy,
    Just remember--you are not the only person living in the house; you have ebay stuff out for a purpose; you are decluttering other people's things.

  6. You're so brave to show the before and after shots. I'd probably get as far the before shots and then never get to what it looks like after... Like I'd get it THAT clean anyway!
    Let's just pretend I did.
    Good for you! Keep at it!

  7. Holy Hell that was impressive! I'm so proud of you.

  8. LisaPie--About the rum....ahem!...I WISH I had drank it! It's just in the pantry where it belongs instead of decorating my kitchen and making me look like a big ol' lush.lol

    Tanner--Those pretzel things are addictive, aren't they? ;-) And yep, it's the same rooms in the photos...thanks!

    Out My Window--Letting go does feel good but I have to talk myself into it first.lol I use to make a little pin money on eBay but once you figure out costs to you and then your time, you don't actually come out ahead anymore....remembering that is the only thing keeping me going to get rid of it all.

    Annie--LOL! My Den doesn't cook but then again it doesn't spend money and insist on long Xmas gift giving lists either. But I bet SonyaAnn's Den is much hotter, right? ;-)

    PracticalP--I'm not the only one living here but I'm the only one CLEANING it.....so I say it all goes so I don't have to clean it any more.lol

    McVal--It was scary showing the world what a slob I/we are...until I "put away" the bottle of rum....yah, I put it away in the pantry, yah, that's the story....*hic*

    SonyaAnn--Thanks lady!


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