Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Fun with Red Nose Day

If you've gotten the Downton Abbey bug, you will chuckle at this Parody.

Every year in the U.K. there is a "Comic Relief" type event for charity called Red Nose Day.  The day is devoted to raising money for charity.  The BBC runs many comic shows/events/programs that day.
One of the shows "spoofed" in 2011 was Downton Abbey.

Check it out below.  It's in 2 parts....

If I don't post again today, have a good weekend!



  1. Oh Slugs., those clips were hilarious!
    Just this morning, I visited a blog which going on and on about this show. I think it's okay. So I commented that Maggie Smith plays the same character in show she's in.
    I just saw your clip and went back to his blog to share it with him. My comment from this morning had been erased.
    Some people can't handle the truth I guess.
    Thanks for sharing these. Fred will get a huge laugh out of them.

    1. It is too bad that your comment was erased because I totally agree with you. Maggie Smith is the go-to actress to play sarcastic, demanding, and grouchy. Even in movies when she was younger such she played the same type of character or played different characters the same way. I don't understand why everyone things she is that great. Cate Blanchette is far a more versatile actress. I don't get all the fuzz about Maggie Smith. You want grouchy, call Maggie because she has it down packed.

  2. Mark--Glad you got a chuckle. I love LOVE the Dame Smith! She may play the same character every time but it's so
    I watch the show for the visuals...the plot is so predictable.

  3. That skit almost had me in tears the first time I saw it, and I've been annoying my partner during our weekly "Downton" viewing with comments about O'Brien's "knitted hair" ever since.

  4. Oh So funny, I love the show, but also feel that the writing could be better, love the costumes, but were people really that immoral back then? I am so naive of course, they were.

  5. Good afternoon Slug...

    I was reading ' We May Be Poor, But We're Happy' and now I cannot find the blog. Might you know where it is??


  6. I'm going to start watching it now! I love Jennifer Saunders! Actually I've had some recommendations for this show from my sewing group. Apparently the clothes are fabulous... So I may watch it for just that if it's just a bunch of sitting around and drinking tea and looking at each other...!

  7. Hops--knitted hair...yes!lol

    Out My Window--The costumes and the "set" are great! As for the plot, it's just an American soap opera with

    Anon--Judy has a new URL for her blog it's here....

    McVal--I'm surprised you aren't watching this already! The history/time period sucked me in and I stick around for the costumes and Dame Maggie Smith. ;-)


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