Monday, October 3, 2011

Is Blogger Weird or is My New Computer Possessed?

Either I am experiencing the problem everyone else seemed to have with Blogger this summer....the one about not being able to leave comments....or my new machine is possessed.

Not only am I not being allowed to leave comments on other bloggers-though I DID finally get to leave one on Judy's on Sat. and on SonyaAnn's this morning-but I can't even leave comments on MY OWN BLOG!LOLOL

I can't use my blogger/google account id to comment.  I have to comment under the Name/URL profile, preview my comment, word verification and then hit Post.
And then, get comment does NOT post to my own blog.
I have to go to my dashboard and moderate my own comment!LOL

What I don't need is ANOTHER LAYER OF CRAZY in my day!

I think I have come up with the perfect name for this new machine.

I am off to figure this out so I can get on with the usual f'ed upness that are my days....



  1. Mine is fine, I have heard of other people complaining about it though, so you're not alone.

  2. My laptop has done this to me a few times including this morning when it would only let me comment on a few blogs as annon even though I was not annon.

    Let me know how you fix it for next time!


  3. I have had the same problem as you. But then again, weirdness seems to connect us in the blogiverse


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