Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Food I Bought in June...A Big Boring List Only for Other Nerd's Eyes

My good blogging buddy, Annie Jones, over at Real Life Living posts what she buys every month. The way she tells it, it shows people that she really does get a lot of food for the little amount she spends each month. You can eat well and still be frugal.

I think it's helpful to see it all written down in one place so you can gauge how you are doing with the food money each month.

HERE is her posted list for June for feeding a family of 3.

So I thought this was a real good idea and decided to steal borrow her idea and post all the food I buy in a month to feed my family of 4-5.
Besides, I am a big fat NERD! 

For June, we had all 5 home for 2 weeks and only 2 people home for the other half of the month.  We also threw a Graduation Party for 12 in June.

This list isn't necessarily what we "ate" in June since I stockpile, so we may have only eaten a few things(besides the obvious fresh produce).
But it shows you how far you can make your money go by buying on discount, bulk, sale and paring coupons and/or rebates with the deals.

Here's the food items, including pet foods, I bought in June for an out of pocket of $348.05 after rebates.
It doesn't include the 32+lb. of charcoal I bought that is included in this total spent.

Ground Beef  8.5 lbs.
Hot Dogs  5 packs
Ground Chicken  4 lbs.
Kielbasa  5 lbs.

Shrimp  1 lb.

Cabbage(shredded)  2 bags
Corn  1 bag frozen
Bananas  2.42 lbs.
Salad Greens  6 bags
Watermelons  2
Mushrooms   2 bags frozen
Strawberries   5 cartons
Lettuce  1 head
Raisins  1 box
Red Potatoes  5 lbs.
Cantaloupes  2
Grapes   1.65 lbs.
Cherries   1.69 lbs.
Tomatoes   1.12 lbs.
Blueberries  1 carton
Carrots  2 lbs.
Cucumbers  2
Red Pepper  1
Yellow Pepper  1
Peaches  2/3 lb.

blocks of Cheese   9 blocks(8 oz.)
Greek Yogurt  8 containers
Milk  2.5 gals.

Whipped Cream  3 bottles
Ice Cream   14 cartons
Eggs  1 doz.
Egg Whites  1 carton
Sour Cream dip   3 containers

Fettuccine Noodles   1 box
Breakfast Cereal   2 boxes

Hamburger Buns   5 packs
Hot Dog Rolls   4 packs
Bread   6 loaves
Multigrain Tortillas   5 packs
Tortillas   3 packs
Muffins 4-pack   2
Bagels  6-pack  1

Olive Oil 1 large. bottle
Yeast   1 packet
Local Honey   3 lbs.
Sea Salt   1 lb.
Pink Himalayan Salt   1 lb.


Fritos  4 bags
Popcorn   3 boxes
Froot by Foot fruit snacks   2 boxes

Chocolate Candy bars   7

Lemonade 1 bottle
Soda-12 packs   1
100% Juice   7 bottles

Chicken Fillets   2 bags
Glazed Chicken Strips   2 bags
1/2 Sheet Cake
Helper type meals   5 boxes
Pasta Salad mix   4 boxes
Pizza frozen   3
Alfredo Sauce  2 jars
Graham Pie Crusts 2
Health Salad(deli)  1/4 lb.
Coffee Creamer  2 bottles

Pedigree dog kibble 4lb.  2 bags



  1. You only bought 2.5 gallons of milk for the whole month? Am I missing something? We go through that in a week. We must be like baby cows. m.

  2. Mark--Yes, it was a small milk month because #2 son was gone for half the month. He is our milk addict. I prefer to take my dairy in the form of cheese....
    I think you should get a cow with 4 kids around. I bet Fred would be glad to find/buy one from online. ;-)


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