Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rite-Aid Building Single Check Rebate for MAY Part 4

This is the 4th Post in My Rite-Aid MAY Single Check Rebate PLAN. See the 1st installment HERE & the 2nd one HERE & the 3rd one HERE.

To recap, here are the Rebates I have qualified for so far.

Skintimate $2.24
Salt-Aire $6.99
Mini Drops $6.49
Listerine Whitening $2.00
ProFoot $10.00
Claritin $3.00
Got2Be $4.99
Offer #50 $10-Highest level
Offer #500 $10-Need $7.55 more to get $25.00 Gift Card

Total of $55.71 in Rebates

Total Out of Pocket $55.26-including tax.

Everything free once the Rebates come in plus getting paid 45 cents.

The Plan from Part 2 has changed a bit. The Centrum Cardio SCR & the Centrum $10 rebate are NOT for the same size container. I can't buy 1 container and use it for both rebates. The size for the Centrum rebate is 180 capsules and cost alot more than the $10 Rebate offer. The size container for the Rite-Aid SCR is 60 capsules but the rebate is only for $1. Even with the $2/1 Q for it, I'll be spending about $7 OOP to get that $1 rebate, so these are out.

Here is what I bought on Sunday. This was done in 2 Transactions but if your Rite-Aid will take more than 1 Internet Printed Coupon Per Transaction, you can do this all in 1 Transaction instead. I had IP Qs for the Bayer & the Rite Aid 5/25 Q and they would only take one. **If you CAN do this in 1 transaction, leave out the Pop-Tarts. They were a cheap 'filler' for my purposes to get me to a $25 total.

Alaway Drops $7.99
Wound Wash $5.49
Right Guard Clinical Deodorant $5.99
Pop-Tarts $1.50 **Not Pictured**
Electrasol Dishwashing Detergent $4.99 **Not Pictured**
Subtotal $25.96

Coupons Used
Alaway Drops Q from Inserts $4.00/1
Wound Wash Peelie on Lid $1.00/1
Right Guard Q from Inserts $1.00/1
Pop-Tarts Peelie $1.00/1
$5/$25 Rite-Aid IP Q $5.00
Total Coupons $12.00

Tax $.66
Spent OOP $14.62

Bayer Crystals 10 ct. $3.99

No Tax
Used Bayer IP Q -$1.50
Spent OOP $2.49

Total OOP for both $17.11

The Alaway ALSO qualifies for Offer #500-the Allergy Rebate check. (I now qualify for this highest level Gift Card for this offer, the $25 GC.)

New Rebates I qualify for with this purchase.....
Alaway $7.99
Wound Wash $5.49
Right Guard Deo. $5.00
Electrasol $2.00
Bayer $3.99

So I added $39.47 in refunds to my total(with $15 more on the $25 Allergy Offer) & only $17.11 was spent.

Total of Rebate due me is now $95.18($70.18 Cash/$25 Gift Card)

Total Out of Pocket until rebates come in is $72.37.

This Plan now has me getting $95.18 worth of products for FREE PLUS I'll get my initial $72.37 back And get paid $22.81 MORE to take the items.
Well $22.81 of it will be a Gift Card, not cash, so technically I am OOP $2.19 and I profited $95.18 worth of product AND a $25 Gift Card.
Would you spend $2.19 on $120.18 worth of products?

I have a couple more items to purchase(the Gillette Deodorant this week and maybe something next week)before my plan is complete.

Check back for the last installment in this series soon.


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