Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I found a Shop-Rite & I got some deals!

When I was newly married back in the early 1980's, my hubby & I lived in northeastern New Jersey. My grocery store of choice back then was Shop-Rite. I loved me some Shop-Rite! ;-)

Eventually we bought our 1st home & moved to Pennsylvania. The 2nd closest grocery store to our house was still a Shop-Rite over the border in NJ. This was a 45 min. trip each way to the store but I gladly chose it over the 30 min. trip to the closer Grand Union store.

8+ years ago we moved again to a different location in PA with NO Shop-Rite. They did open a Shop-Rite here, in an old abandoned Hechinger's Lumber/Hardware Store. It was open all of 9 months before the company pulled out of the area and closed this extensively remodeled store. It was hardly open long enough to find out if this location would make or loose money! I've been lamenting the demise of Shop-Rite here for the last 6 yrs.

After seeing someone online post about yet another good deal at their Shop-Rite store, I went to the company website and started poking around. I discovered that there IS a Shop-Rite location 'sort of' near me! Well, it's 30 miles each way, so no further than what I use to have to drive to get to the one where we use to live in PA.

I had some time, a nice day & a good weekly sales ad, so I went to find the Shop-Rite the end of last week.
With my trusty coupon binder in hand, I went to sniff out the deals.
Here is what I was done in 3 transactions & only part of the goodies from this shopping trip are pictured.

5x Joint Juice Water on sale @$2.50=$12.50
2x Wesson Veg. Oil on sale @$2.49=$4.98
1x Large Eggs on sale @$.98 **Not pictured
1x Tropicana OJ 64 oz. on sale @$2.88 **Not pictured
1x Pork Shoulder Picnic $.99lb.=$9.24 **Not pictured
14x Perdue Cutlets/Strips @$1.99=$27.86 **Not pictured
3x Perdue Buffalo Bites @$1.99=$5.97
12x Aqua-Fresh Toothpaste on sale @$.99=$11.88
3x Colgate Toothbrushes on sale @$.99=$2.97
13x Spray n'Wash on sale @$1.64=$21.32
2x Spray n'Wash Stick on sale @$2.00=$4.00
Subtotal $104.58
Tax $2.41
5x Joint Juice Water on sale @$2.00=$10.00
14x Perdue Cutlets/Strips @$1.00=$14.00
3x Perdue Buffalo Bites @$1.00=$3.00
12x Aqua-Fresh Toothpaste on sale @$1.00=$12.00
3x Colgate Toothbrushes on sale @$1.00=$3.00
15x Spray n'Wash on sale @$.50 doubled=$15.00
2x $5 Catalina for buying 5 Spray n'Wash=$10.00
Coupon Total $67.00

$106.99-$67.00=$39.99 OOP
And I have a $5 Catalina OYNO to spend.
I got some amazing deals. The Wesson Oil was Gallon sized, the Pork Shoulder was a great price at .99¢ lb., the Toothbrushes and Toothpaste Tubes were free w/coupons, the Joint Juice was .50¢ per 4-pack w/coupons. The Perdue chicken-regularly $3.99 a package was half-price and with my $1 coupons, it came out to .99¢ a package! The Buffalo Bites even had $1 Peelies on the packages. I ONLY bought 17 Chix because I didn't have room in the freezer for
The best was the Spray n'Wash deal. It was 1/2 price at $1.64 for the Spray Bottles or $2 for the Stain Sticks. I had .50¢ coupons that doubled to $1, so the first 5 cost me .64¢ each. With each 5 you bought, you got a $5CAT good OYNO. So I bought 5 more, used 5 more coupons, making my total $3.20 and used the $5 CAT, so had overage of $1.80 per 5 bottles and got another $5CAT.
I could only use 15 coupons though as they ran out of Spray n'Wash....rats! I got a raincheck so I can go back next week, use my coupons and get it for better than free with the $5 CAT I have left. I figured out that the 15 bottles I bought cost me $10.32+tax after coupons. I used 2 $5 CATs, so basically I paid .32¢ + tax for 15 bottles of Spray n'Wash. And the last 4 bottles(couldn't get a raincheck for more than 4) with cost me -$2.44 after I use my last $5 CAT.
Value of Items purchased....$198.57
Out of Pocket.........................$39.99
I can say, I STILL loves me some Shop-Rite!lol

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