Tuesday, May 21, 2024

To-Do List.....April 2024

Here are my To-Do List projects and how I did with them.....

*  Pay Bills--DONE  Always #1 and always done

*  Go to 1 Dr. Appointment--DONE  With my Orthopedist.  The first set of injections didn't work much so.....

*  Have Shoulder Injection--DONE  Orthopedist did injections from the back into my shoulders.  He also went over the MRI I had earlier that showed what was going on and he recommended PT after these injections.

*  Begin Going Through Merchandise to Sell--PASS  I sort of did this....went into the "extra room" where all that is stored in tubs.  I unenthusiastically went though a tub or two before closing the door and leaving it.  The problem here is twofold-the Postal Service is so bad here(we call it the Cajun Pony Express as you never know if they are going to pick up your mail).
I can't find the photo I took but I had a package sitting on a chair on the front porch going Priority mail to my brother and had requested a pick up when they delivered our mail that day.
Not only did the Post Office NOT pick up the package but I got an email around 6pm that they HAD picked up the package, when it was clearly still sitting on my porch. SMH
Now how can I run a business dependent on the Post Office to deliver items when I can't be sure they will pick up something?  I'll get negative feedback on eBay or Etsy and who has the time to be running packages up to the PO all the time when items sell?
My second issue is about taxes.  If I sell more than $600 a year I need to start paying quarterly taxes, which is a pain and a complication for us.  I would also need to get a business license here and Lord, they slowness of attention to anything business around here is awful.  I am better off hauling everything to our next home and setting up to sell stuff there.  Nowhere we are considering would be as bad as it is here.

*  Send Box to One Kid--DONE  I mailed a box to Youngest child.  His stuff was in the top and now when/if he goes to see his older brother he can hand deliver the rest to him.  Oldest moved and I don't even know his new address so this is the best I can do.  I need to totally cut ties with him and his nasty wife for my own sanity and mental health. 8-(

*  Finish Packing for Cruise--DONE  I packed too much...could have left some shirts home as I bought a few shirts at places we went and I over packed the nightgowns.  But it got done and the cruise was wonderful.

*  Go Through Old Papers--PASS  I have a plastic storage container of old personal papers.  I made one pass through them and pitched a number.  I need to weed through this box again and get rid of some more.

*  Contact Lawyer about Will Changes--FAIL  Ran out of time before we left town to call the lawyer.  I plan on making contact with his office later this week.

*  Read/Finish Two Books--FAIL  I think I read some one day but didn't finish anything.  I will try to finish at least one book in May.  But I have not felt any motivation to read.

*  Buy Stuff for House(Always)--PASS Hubs bought some tools or something to fix something.  Don't ask me, I don't know. lol

*  Giveaway/Donate Baby Clothes--FAIL  I got the lot of baby clothes "Biz-ed" and sorted out.  The boy clothes went to my newborn great nephew.  I still need to get to Goodwill to donate all the girl clothing.

*  Start New Donation Box--DONE

Here's what Hubs took to the Church Food Bank in April.  And I've already taken a load in May to the same Food Bank this past Monday.  We are working on June's donation.  I still coupon and drive myself crazy(a little)chasing the deals because I know it's all for a good purpose. 8-)

*  Try to Hem Some of My Clothes--DONE  I got 2 dresses hemmed for the cruise but only brought one of them on the trip.  I need to go through what other pants and dresses I can manage to hem(these are the easy alterations I can do on this current ET medication).  The other more complicated items need to wait.
I also need to decide on some tops--whether they are worth altering or just taking them to Goodwill.

*  Edit More Photos--DONE  I almost caught up on photo editing and now I have hundreds more photos from the cruise that need work. ugh.

*  Post about Old Trips--DONE  I have almost finished off our Western Trip from 2017.  One more installment left. rah.

*  Work on Genealogy--DONE  Always working on that now and then.

*  Take Items to Goodwill--FAIL  We didn't get around to taking things to Goodwill before the cruise.

*  Photo Fabric and List--FAIL  I did get a big pile pulled and ordered 100 polybags to ship it in but I didn't get anything photographed or listed.

Look at me, I am a big fat failure.  Maybe I can do better in May. 8-(



  1. I am so happy to read you want to move out of there! Yeah! Congrats. Anywhere has to be an improvement. Life is too short to be somewhere miserable. Glad you are making progress ;). Hilogene in Az.

    1. Thanks Hilogene. It can't be worse someplace else that's for sure. ;-)

  2. I truly hope you don't cut all contact with your child. And, I hope you don't cut him out of your will. I know he lets the witch rule, but it may not always be that way. I am the eternal optimist when it comes to children.
    Good luck with selling things under the circumstances. Have you thought about selling on Facebook Marketplace?

    1. For the sake of my sanity and mental health I had to cut all ties with him. If things/situations change I am open to communication but not presently. He has lied time and time again about things and sees he has done nothing wrong by turning his back on his parents who loved and raised him. I think this is a "thing" with a lot of this generation because I know many people going through this(the lack of owning when they are wrong and admitting it and the lack of respect toward their parents)with their own children. Whether he is in our will or not is nobody's business.
      Selling on FB Marketplace is a joke around here. I am not going to chance after people who want everything for free on that platform. I might as well donate it all to charity.

    2. I have only heard people sell on FB marketplace, but know nothing about it.
      Remember, the witch influences him at this time. I am sure she encourages a lack of introspection in him.


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