Friday, December 8, 2023

Frugal Friday.....the December 8th Edition

There are very few Frugal wins this past week so here goes....

*  I went to PT 3x this past week.   Good thing I've hit all my deductibles and co-pays so I'm not shelling out cash for this service.

*  Grocery shopping this past week for December--didn't do any I can think of.

*  I found money!

On Saturday, I found a penny inside of Walmart and one in the parking lot.  Guess which is which?

Stopped into Dollar General Market on Wednesday for some gift card presents and found this shiny guy at the register.

Total Found in last Week.... .03¢
Total Found this Year.......$3.50

That's all I got.

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!

Blogging will be taking a backseat to getting me healed so there might not be many posts here for the foreseeable future.8-)



  1. Dromedary pimiento was $1.19 at store in Cullman when we went there this week as opposed to something like $1.44 at The Pig. I have not seen the ads from Tuesday yet. That is not a big win, just a small economy. However, these are tiny 2 oz jars.

  2. I used an Amazon gift card from Ibotta to pay for a holiday gift exchange present. Had some funds left so bought a pair of squirrel pajamas for free. They were marked down by $10 and were actually my favorite pattern.

    Dave hurt his back so I’ve been on dog duty. That dog loves to walk so I guess that’s free exercise.


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