Friday, April 29, 2022

Frugal Friday.....the April 29th Edition

  So here are a few of the frugal-ish things that happened here this past week.......

*   No food waste this past week. Eating lots of leftovers and bits and pieces we already have.  I made a big pot of Mushroom/Wild Rice soup, using foodstuffs we have in the stockpile.  After our Burger meal on Sunday I took the rest of the thawed ground beef and made a petite meatloaf.  I still need to turn the frozen from last Summer's garden tomato sauce into pasta sauce today.  I can use the rest of the opened can of tomato paste(from the meatloaf making)in the pasta sauce.

*  I cashed in on Fetch for a $10 gift card and on Ibotta for 7 x $5 gift cards, all for Walmart.  Yes, I can't resist chasing that $35 Bloomin' Bonus. ;-)

*  Another 2 purse sized bottles of hand sanitizer for free from Rite-Aid this week.

*  I got rid of some clothes to the thrift store....

This was all ex-College Boy's cast offs.

And 2 tops and a coat that are too big for me now.  There were a few other garments I forgot to get a photo of.  3 big bags in total got carted off to the thrift store.

*   I found money!

Last Friday I hit a different Rite-Aid.  All this change was strewn about the parking lot near my car.
That same day I hit my R-A and found another penny in an aisle.
I went back to R-A on Tuesday and found all these pennies in various spots in the store.

Total Found in last Week...... .32¢
Total Found This Year......$10.67

* On that last trip to R-A I turned in 2 coupons I had forgotten to use when I bought some items on Saturday evening.
I had gotten 2 bottles of Love, Beauty, Planet Body Wash on clearance for $2.24.  Forgot my $3/1 LBP body wash Qs so got $6 post coupon back on that trip making each bottle a freebie plus a .76¢ moneymaker. 8-)

Found a shelf full of 8 packs of Gatorade Zero at Walmart last Friday on clearance for $3 per pack.  That's .75¢ per 2 bottles so I picked up 3 packs.  This is a sugar-free thirst quencher around here in the Summer!

Then I found a shelf full of Great Value burritos at Walmart this week marked down to $1.03 per bag!  Hubs LOVES these for lunch so I picked up 3 packs(only 3 would fit in my freezer otherwise I would have bought more lol).

*  I'm still tending to my seedlings in the house......

Not a great photo but here they are as of this morning.  The leggy ones on the left are watermelon starts.  There is one whole row that never germinated-the third row from the right.  Can't recall offhand what those were suppose to be, I'll have to check my chart later.  Planting season is still 10 days off around here.  I'll start putting this out in the sun everyday the weather is good until then.

That's about all I've got for this past week.

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!

And have a good weekend!



  1. I rarely see Mark fiend like that in any store except post holiday. Freezer asset's are nice to have.

  2. I put seeds to germinate in the car. It makes a nice greenhouse. But, the weather cannot be too warm. I usually germinate in March. I waited until April one year and burned everything and had to start over. A car in mostly shade works well.


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