Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Frugal Friday.....the December 17th Edition on Tuesday

So here are a few of the frugal-ish things that happened during the last 2 weeks, both here and while we were away being "tortured" on a cruise. lololz

*  I haven't cooked a single meal in 2 weeks.  How is that frugal?  Well, I've been using up some of my free food gift cards and doing intermittent fasting as well.  I've taken off nearly all the weight I gained on vacation.  Yay.

*  We won lots of "plastic prizes".......

The wooden pens are very nice.   Just call us Trivia Sharks....

* We got a free bottle of champagne on the cruise which I gave to my brother to bring home.  Instead of carefully packing it in his checked luggage he decided to put it in his carry on bag and TSA confiscated it.  Had I know he'd pull that bonehead move I'd had packed it MY checked bag then given it to him when we got to his house. Oh well....

*  Speaking of champagne I played a group game in the Atrium one night and I made a fan, some random women watching the game and she gave me an even bigger bottle of champagne as she enjoyed my performance.  Luckily I didn't give that bottle to my brother and it made it home with me. ;-)

*  I saved over $600 on the cruise due to a bad incident(more on that later).

*  We brought my brother and his wife their Christmas presents when we drove down to VA to take the plane so we didn't have to pay to ship them later. ;-)

*  I took advantage of free ship credit offer on a future cruise while on the ship.  We have 4 years to use the deposit monies on this offer.  I think that's doable....what do you say Kim and Sissie?

*  We took snacks with us on the airport days to save on food.  Airport food prices are ridiculous as you are a captive audience.

*   I found money!

This two weeks worth(and we were traveling for one of those weeks).  I can't recall exactly what was found where....multiple Rite-Aids, at Mickey D's Drive throughs, in Airports, on the Cruise Ship at Casino Cashier area, Walmart at home, R-A at home, etc(I'll try to remember when I blog about the vacation later)so here's a photo of it all......

Total Found in last 2 Weeks...... $1.17
Total Found This Year......$21.32

That's about all I can remember and my phone has been acting up(I think it's phone Tourette's)so this will have to do.

Any frugal wins for anyone else out there?

And now, another Christmas song of the day , favorite version of this song..........

Incidentally, the lyrics to this song were written by someone who lived in my neck of the Pennsylvania woods, Richard Smith.  A Honesdale, PA native.

He was being treated for TB in the West Mountain Sanitorium in Scranton, PA in 1934 where he wrote the lyrics.  Dick Smith relapsed and died of the disease in 1935 on his birthday in NYC.  He never lived to see the classic his song would become.



  1. I'm glad you had a winning time. I look forward to your recap.

  2. I wondered where you were! It sounds like fun.

  3. That is a seriously cool cover of Winter Wonderland!
    I am glad you had a good trip and about the champagne. What can you say. It's an accountant move!

  4. Too funny about the champagne. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time and fun memories with your brother. That is the best!

  5. Oh, I like that version of Winter Wonderland. I added it to my Christmas playlist. Sounds like a fun time on your trip.


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