Wednesday, December 22, 2021

It's Coming Along.....

 Well part of the living room is done and presentable.........

The tree is fully decorated and the corresponding tubs are back upstairs.

And the wall of tp and mailing boxes are gone.  I still have to move crap from the other side of the room, then vacuum the rug and clean the wood floor in here.

No progress on the dining room as it is wrapping central right now.  I should have everything boxed and bagged by tonight so I can clear that room out and set it up for dinner.

All the food has been procured and I am about to start the boiling of the ham(a long slow procedure)so I can bake it tomorrow so it's nice and chilled for Christmas.

More tunes to get y'all into the Holiday Spirit........

This "Messiah" aria was in my performance repertoire during my short lived career as an operatic/choral singer and is still a favorite for Christmastime.

And now for my personal tradition due to my redneck Southern roots......

And now from the ridiculous to the sublimey fun......



  1. sorry I didn't include my name the first time

    1. I was just out of college when The Waitress were big, working as a waitress so I know most of their tunes. Love their stuff!

  2. I don't understand all this soaking and boiling and baking of ham, but it makes my mouth water. So, you were that kind of singer. Great!

    1. I would say the ham was either salt cured or old fashioned smoked (cracker barrel used to sell them) and has to be boiled, rinsed, boiled again to remove salt.

    2. A traditional Smithfield ham is always salt cured. I refer to it as a Southern salt lick, my older brother use to call it a Bastard Brine. lol I sang opera, operetta and musical theatre as well as choral pieces back in the day.

  3. I haven't had much music on at home but I belt it out on car rides. Your ham process sounds intense.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and your family!, enjoy the season and rest!, dont clean too much!,


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