Wednesday, December 29, 2021

For Sissie-I Cleaned Up Good!

Again, here is the state of my living/dining room last week........

The tree is up(but nekkid)and tubs of stuff and other crap in the green chair......

TP and shipping boxes taking over the living room......

TP, shipping boxes and a giant painting by the sofa.......

Lots of eBay-ables in this corner of the living room....

A shit show in the dining room....

And here is how it looked on Christmas.........

The tree is all decorated and lit.......

The bannister garlanded and lit.

The green chair was "sittable" and those heavy tubs got camouflaged with a xmas tablecloth. lol  That picture Cousin Sonya gave me 2 Xmases ago(I still need to find the right place to hang it and get Hubs to do that).

BTW-Today is Sonya's birthday so leave her some love in the comments!!!

But I digress.....
The corner with the eBay-ables is mostly empty.  Wasn't going to lift heavy tubs just to bring them back down the stairs so again, another camo job with a Xmas cloth, a candle and my crystal sleigh centerpiece(which wouldn't fit on the dining room table with tableware for 7). lol

This is the sofa.  Taken the day after Xmas so there are empty/used gift bags and boxes on the coffee table instead of Xmas day snacks along with Hubs singing Xmas cactus. lolz

The dining room sideboard decluttered with a table runner, candles, pots of scented pinecones and my chicken tea pot.
I didn't bother taking a photo of the dining room table because dinner was over and the table was bare except for dirty cloth napkins and tablecloth.

Our big white Xmas tree has discolored as it's aged so I bought a small white tree in November to replace it.  Being so small we didn't have room for many ornaments so we put a few up that had meaning to us and ones from recent trips and vacations.

An iguana for St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

A Totem from Saxman Village, Ketchikan, Alaska

A main street scene of Skagway, Alaska

A homemade ornie made with a Sand Dollar from the Bahamas

A scene from Icy Strait Point near Hoonah, Alaska

A pony representing Chincoteague Island, Virginia.

Of course being busy cooking and all I didn't get ANY actual photos of our family on Christmas that were here!  And nobody else ever thinks to pick up their phone and take a photo.  sigh

So do I pass inspection Sissie??

I hope everyone had some fun this Christmas along with the craziness and busyness.  Me?  I just want to nap for a week......... 8-)))
But first another Holiday song....



  1. Very clever hide away for your stuffs but sissie would have made you put it away as she is a monster stickler. But I think it is great. I miss you and want to get together soon. Just need me a Slug and Dan fix, I think Joel does also.

  2. That song is great!
    I understand the concept of camo around the house for the holidays. I have a couple of bags of various things headed to New York and I was not going to lug them upstairs just to bring them back down. They got hidden by a living room chair. I swear next year will be different (I say this every year though)

  3. Clever lady! Great camoflage. I found my notice in Facebook but Happy Birthday to Sonya Ann here as well.

  4. Happy Birthday to Sonya.

    Bailey uses the Christmas table covers to hid her reseller stuff too. It’s very festive! I enjoyed looking at your ornaments. :)

  5. I have done the cameo in years to cover canned goods when I didn't have a pantry. GOOD JOB

  6. Yay! I love seeing people's decorations. Very creative camouflage. A Belated happy holidays and new year to you.



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