Thursday, December 30, 2021

Finishing Off Ibotta for The Year

 There was no way in hell I was going to reach the $45 for 140 offers Bonus for December(especially since I wasn't grocery shopping/around for about 9 days of the month).  But I did get all the rest of the "reasonable Bonuses" completed.  yay me!

Here is what I bought on Tuesday to finish off the Midweek "whatever they called it" Bonus this week.......

1 x Cheetos mac and cheese cup=.96¢
1 x Cheetos mac and cheese box=.96¢
2 x Durex condoms=$5.76
1 x Glad trash bags=$5.12
3 x Aleve small containers=$5.94
1 x Keurig Donut Shop Holiday tin coffee=$5.00
1 x Nivea lotion=$5.84
1 x Rockstar energy drink=$1.50
1 x Celestial Seasonings tea assortment=$2.50
2 x Bic Gelocity pen assortment=$15.74
2 x Clorox wipes travel size=$1.94

I used $40.00 in free gift cards so paid $11.26 OOP +$1.81 in sales tax=$13.07.  I earned back $34.77 in rebates and a $3 Bonus on Ibotta, $2 back on Coupons dotcom, as well as 236 Fetch points and 4,820 Shop Kicks($19.28).

But then I forgot to use my 2 paper coupons so went to CS desk.  The Qs came to $2.05.  Last time I forgot Qs, the CSM put the amount on a Walmart gift card.  This time she said she had to return the items and rering them(price adjusting for the coupons)and gave me cash.  She shoved the money into my hand and was quick to get on to the next person.  Once I pulled the cash out of my coat pocket in my car I saw it was this..........

$6.  I saw two bills when she handed it to me(thinking it was 2 $1 bills and she forgot the nickel but no,
Walmart employee math is wonky,  Wonky in my favor. lolz  Now my $24.70 moneymaker is a $30.70 moneymaker. 8-)))

So I am probably done rebating for 2021 but........there are two days left in the year so...........we'll see! ;-)



  1. Watch out for trolls now with your story. I forget I even loaded Ibotta.

    1. Oh, I know the trolls will find me, they always do. ;-)

  2. Wow, that was a great deal, nice to get that type of cash back for having to go to the CMS desk.

    1. You wouldn't BELIEVE that trip to Walmart-just one bad thing after another! I truly had no clue until I hobbled out to the car and pulled the $$ out of my coat pocket. ;-)

  3. You are the bomb, what are you going to do with the rubbers?


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