Saturday, December 18, 2021

Rite-Aid Pillaging This Week & Christmas Cheer

 I may go back today as I have a purchase based coupon($9 off $45)to use before the 23rd, but here is what left Rite-Aid this week and ended up at Chez Sluggy.....

2 x bags of Jordan Almonds
6 x 3 packs of Irish Spring soap
1 x Vera Wang Cologne
2 x Suave shampoo
1 x Refresh shampoo(on clearance)
1 x Sky Organics Bentonite Clay mask
3 x Lipton iced tea w/lemon packets
4 x Red chocolate bars
3 x Twix candy bars
1 x Reese dark chocolate cups
16 x R-A batteries
2 x Diet Cokes(not pictured)

This was all done over 4 cards(well 3 cards except I used the 4th card to do the batteries again).
I had 3 x $3 off $15 spend on various cards so those were used as well.  The only other Q I used was on the Refresh shampoo($2.50/1).

Total spent.....$102.98 paid with Bonus Cash
Total earned back.......$84.00 in BC, $4 on Ibotta(Vera Wang, Sky Organics), $4 on SwagBucks(Red chocolate bars), 360 pts on Fetch($3.60)equaling $95.60 back in various rebates.   This means I "spent" BC of $7.38 on all the above.

Most of this is Xmas fodder or food bank items, but not the Jordan Almonds or Vera Wang as I love me both of those things. ;-)

Remember that your couponing stockpile is a great! source for small gifts, making gift baskets of items or stocking fillers for the Holidays(as well as for donation items like food banks, shelters, angel trees, etc.).  No need to hand over that green cash when you have a giving heart and a stockpile.  Just sayin'...

Here is one of the Youtubers I follow, "Couponing with Crystle".  She hit the nail on the head with this video HERE

One week to go but don't stress out if you are behind.  Give yourself some grace and just scale it back this year.

Now here is the daily Christmas song and have a great day no matter what is on your plate today(I am still working on the living/dining room myself here). 8-)))



  1. Yes, no need to stress about it. Whatever will be will be. You did really well at Riteaid. And you’re right, a stockpile can hold many good gifts.

  2. I was scaling back anyway but after this past week I am scaling back even more. I am ok with whatever happens or doesn't.

  3. I was not aware of Ms. Jones' carol; this is new for me/I learned something !


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