Friday, December 31, 2021

Frugal Friday....the December 31st Edition

 So here are a few of the frugal-ish things that happened here this past week.......

*  Been eating all the Christmas leftovers this week when not using gift cards for take-out.  No food waste so far. ;-)

*  Santa was very good to me last week........

3 gift cards, a 6 pack of craft beer, a bottle of Prosecco(+ a can of peaches to make Peach Bellinis), a new calculator, a set of ginormous wind chimes(not pictured), a set of cat butt fridge magnets, some tea packets, some mints, fridge clips, mailing tape, a magnifying glass(thanks Hubs!lol), 2 tins of homemade candy(mmm), a cat butt coin purse, a tin with emergency underwear(make me feel even older than I do Sissie!), reusable bubbles to pop, and some hazelnut choccies.

Now everyone needs to gear up because my birthday is 3 weeks away and I expect even MORE presents! LOLZ

*  Christmas was a lowkey affair here.  Most of the family(missing my daughter and her hubby in Louisiana)were here.  We had appetizers and a modest meal mostly from foods I had here.  The salt cured ham and fresh produce were the only new purchases.  Everyone left full and happy.

*  Took up another donation to the food bank.  Another 40 items out of the house and with rebating/coupons this stuff cost me pennies if that.

There was also a trip to Salvation Army to drop off another 20 items to donate as well so the decluttering continues......

*  Except I hit the after Christmas clearance sales and added to what is in the house.  I tried to contain myself and only buy things for gifts for next year.  I showed some restraint. *snort*

*  I remember a couple of years ago when the Downton Abbey movie came out.  I so wanted to see it but Hubs wouldn't go with me and I really didn't want to spend that kind of money on a movie ticket. Christmas night after everyone left and Hubs went upstairs to take a nap I put on the local PBS and guess what they were showing?  The Downton Abbey movie. 8-))

*   I found money!

Sissie put .41¢ in the cat butt coin purse she gifted me on Christmas.

I made the rounds for clearance finds on Dec. 26th and found this dime at my Rite-Aid....

Then this penny at a different R-A.........

And this nickel at Walmart.

A dime and a penny as I hung around waiting for Hubs to bring me my wallet to Walmart(a clusterf**k of a day I tell ya!)

While sort of "not" found money I got this at the Walmart CS desk from an employee with less than stellar math skills as it's $3.95 more than I was expecting.......(but I won't count this as found money).

And this dime on the 29th somewhere...Weis?, Rite-Aid?, Walmart?  My mind just can't seem to remember where this was found.  I didn't leave the house on Wednesday or Thursday so that cut down on the change finding a bit.

Total Found in last Week...... .78¢
Total Found This Year......$24.38

That's about all I've got for this week.

Any frugal wins in your neck of the woods?  Let's hear all about them!

And here is today's Holiday song...........



  1. John Batiste is an incredible talent. We saw him at a small local venue several years ago and figured we would never be able to see him in concert for 15 bucks again.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I just noticed that my sister has the same Cat butts coin purse for her poker/game money. She bought it at one if our sisters weekends about five years ago. I'm always so amazed at what your able to donate and spend so little. You're a gift to your community.

  3. A cat butt coin purse? How funny! I’m glad you got to watch the Downton Abby film. There is a new one coming soon that I’m excited about. They’ve been advertising it a lot already, so You’ve probably seen it. :)

  4. I miss, miss, miss you cat butt coin purse and all.


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