Thursday, December 16, 2021

Warts & All *OCD Warning*

 So it's now December 16th, 2021.  9 days until the fat man arrives with his sleigh and eight tiny reindeer.  It would also be my oldest brother's 70th Birthday were he still alive.  We lost him in June of 2009(well really in January of 2008 when he went into a coma that he never came out of).  He had just turned 58 so I am feeling a bit sad today.  He was one of the loveliest souls that ever walked the earth in my humble opinion.  A big Happy Birthday in Heaven to you my big brother!

We got home from our vacation on Sunday evening.  The only thing I have accomplished since Sunday was unpacking my suitcase, doing tons of laundry(which Hubs helped with...oh hell, he did most of it, who am I kidding?), going to Rite-Aid(both for Rxs and for deals), paying a couple of bills(oh the pain!), mailing ONE package and going to the PO to ask about getting our held mail.  No cooking, no cleaning and a lot of lying on my BFF the heating pad in bed.

We put up the Xmas tree and I mailed a big honking box of birthday and Christmas presents to my daughter and her hubby in Louisiana before we left but as far as Christmas decorating, cards, cooking, present wrapping that is it.  I told myself I'd have PLENTY of time to get everything done when we got back.


So here I am baring my soul  and the state of some of my house to y'all on the 9th day before Christmas.

If you have OCD please back out of this page now!!  You have been warned........ ;-)

This first photo of the living room isn't too bad.....there's our little tree and I even put a xmas cloth under it.  Ignore the shit and tubs of junk on the chair next to it and next to the chair.

Here's what to the left of the tree in the living room-my tp stash(all of it pre-Covid)and piles of mailing boxes.  Ya see, the grand plan in my head(which never happened)was that I'd jump back into eBay selling in the Fall(September?)so I brought all the mailing supplies from the garage here to be more convenient to pack and ship what I sold.  Of course as many grand plans this one never materialized, what with going to my brother's house and then Sissie's house in September, the work on the powder room and the kitchen by our handyman in the Fall, a bridal shower in Jersey and just regular "life" stuff then our international travel the beginning of December.......well this is the result.

Another shot of the sofa and more boxes.  I am pretty pleased with this one as the sofa was covered with gifts before that box got off to Louisiana and I haven't put anything else

Here's what the other side of the living room looks like.  Mostly it's tubs and piles of crap I didn't get around to listing let alone selling on eBay.  I know Sissie is gasping in horror at this..........

And if that wasn't enough to send you over the edge, here is a shot of the dining room table(which isn't a 'real' dining room table at all but a folding table).  The tablecloth is rolled up on one end as I used it to wrap the presents sent to LA.  There are bags of boxes, bows, a bag of gift wrap as well as grocery type bags of stuff I was going to sell on eBay and locally.  Add in a couple of pre-filled Giveaway boxes for the next few months and that's what I am dealing with at Chez Sluggy at the moment.

Company is coming in NINE DAYS so I have eight days to shape up the downstairs and spew Christmas around in the house.  
Can I get it done?

Come back tomorrow and see what I got done(or not).
Until then I'm putting on the Holiday tunes and getting my big fat white ass in gear!


Are y'all  ready for Christmas?



  1. You seem to have your plate or rather your living room full. May the Force be with ya!

  2. I'm sorry about your big brother.
    Hope you feel better, and I hope that heating pad helps. Your tree is pretty, and I would just shove the boxes/totes into a closet/garage before the company comes. :)

  3. You have loads of time! I've just decided that what gets done does, and what does not, doesn't.

  4. Oh, dear I hear Sissie gasping, and I think she is going down! Have fun!

  5. You can do it! Solidarity, my friend; my kitchen table actually looks WORSE than yours. The second I get it cleaned off, my husband comes in and dumps papers and tools all over it, so I'm not all that interested inn cleaning it up only for him to immediately mess it up again. And my toilet paper stash (also pre-COVID! No shortage here!) lives in the basement. :)

    Big hugs to you in regards to your brother. May his memory be a blessing. <3

  6. You must know that toilet paper makes an excellent gift. Did I spy a little round floor vacuum? That should take care of the floor nicely..then you shove everything else in a closet. All done

  7. You cracked me up with that Santa I'm with Sam. I'm at the point where I really don't care if something doesn't get done. I've had too much stress the past few months. My office and Ebay storage room is currently a mess. I'm slowly working on it, trying to get things back to being organized, while decluttering. It's a work in progress.

  8. I think a good closer shove is in order and then you’re might be fun? (Or maybe not) to show pictures of our pre Christmas frenzy mess. Mine is very bad and pre panic starting but I love Christmas the shopping, wrapping, the whole idea but I bite off more than I can chew. The vacuum had been in the middle of the living room for 4 days and I can still hardly walk through it thus I can’t vacuum. So I trip over it instead of putting it away and taking out later (a one minute task).

  9. That is a lot to do at my energy level, but you and hubs can do it. If you stop galivanting around and stay home, you could do better, but galivanting around sounds like more fun.

  10. Christmas is coming whether I am ready or not (I'm not) and whether I care or not (I don't)

  11. It is Sunday and I set up the tree today.


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