Friday, December 3, 2021

Frugal Friday.....the December 3rd Edition

  Here's what we had happen in the frugal vein around here this past week.....

*  I forgot to mention last week, in regard to my pumpkin pies.  I had a can of "yams", a crash and burn can that needed using.  So I used a can of pumpkin and this can of "yams" blended together for a couple of pumpkin/sweet potato pies.  Using up what was on hand.

*  My pillage at Rite-Aid......

My two online orders arrived as well which added...
8 packs of batteries
6 bottles of Excedrin
4 bottle of Carol's Daughter Moisturizer
8 bottles of Sally Hansen nail treatment
6 bottle of Suave shampoo
4 Twin-packs of Degree deodorant
That brought our BF haul suggested retail to $1,044.52.

If you need to roll BC this week, try the In-Ad coupon deal on SoftSoap and Irish Spring.  With the Q and the $2 in BC you get back(limit 2)your soap items will "cost" you .99¢(plus tax if applicable).

*  I received a sample in the mail.....

A sample size Dove men's deodorant.  I had sent for that so long ago I had totally forgotten about it!

*  I used some c/c points to send away for a $25 Walmart gift card and it showed up this past week.........

This is something that I can use and stack Qs and rebate apps with to get more than $25 worth of items.

*  I found money!

A couple of pennies in Rite-Aid last weekend.

Another penny half tucked under the floor mat at the entrance at Rite-Aid on Tuesday.

And a penny and a dime at Weis(PMITA)Markets on Wednesday at the self-check out I used.

Total Found This Week... .14¢
Total Found This Year.....$20.24

That's about it this week.

What frugal wins did you have last week?

Let us know!



  1. Even after the sale was off, turkey breasts were still $0.49/lb. So, I got two.

  2. Nothing like that! I combin d sales, discounts, and earned Kohl's cash which will finish out our shopping for Christmas. We have cash set aside for those that get cash.

  3. I found 4 cents in the checkout register

  4. Question for you. I'm 66 points from Rite Aid gold status for the year. I'm assuming you have it. Do you think it's worth having? I can pretty easily achieve it between now & EOY. Thoughts?


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