Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Rite-Aid Totals from Last Week

Last week was CRAZY at Rite-Aid!  With 4 different "Spend $50/Get $15 Bonus Cash coupon bar codes I spent a lot of time there stacking BC deals with those bar coded Qs.  I shared a couple of transactions last week.

Here are some of the best items I got last week.  Some items were things we needed..........

7th generation items were Buy 2 Get $5 BC back.  I got 8 packs(on various cards/accounts)of baby wipes which cost $ per pair and I got back $5 per pair so $ per pack after deal.  I also found 2 packages of dishwasher pods which were $5.59 each and after $5 BC back each package cost me $3.09.  Not bad for something we need/have to have.

I got 8 bottles of Hydrogen peroxide.  These were $1.03 each with my 20% Gold discount and you received $1 in Bonus Cash for buying in pairs so they came out to .53¢ per bottle.

One store had a bunch of cosmetics on the 75% clearance shelf so I picked 5 up as filler items to get one of my transactions over $50 so I could use that "Spend $50/Get $15 BC"Q.  The two Almay make-up wipes were $1.62 each and I had a $3/2 Q, the Revlon mascara was $2.24 and I had a $3/1 Q, the Revlon brow kit was $3.24 and I had a $3/1 Q and the Almay mascara was $2.24 and I had a $3/1 Q.

I also picked up 3 packs of Conair bobby pins on a Buy Two/Get One Free deal and got back $3 BC on that as well.

I did the two different drink Deals a few times, the Clairol Deal once, the Trail Mix Deal twice which double dipped with the Easter Spend $25/Get $5 Deal too.  I did the Irish Spring and the Colgate Deals, the Nature's Truth Vitamin Deal a few times and the P and G Spend $30/Get $10 Deal a couple times.  The candy bars were a deal on sale for .88¢ and had .50¢ freshness peelies on them.  The Got2Be hair chalk was 75% off($1.74) and gave back $2.50 on Ibotta each.

There was more than what I shared photos of but since the deals are over(last week)no point in expounding on the finer points of it all.

Only I hiccup happened.  the cashier scanned my $50/$15 BC coupon AFTER scanning all my other Qs used so the register didn't give me the extra $15 BC back. Ugh!  So they gave me $15 in cash which worked too. ;-)

Grand Total of  BC and gift card monies spent for last week................$330.95
Grand Total of BC/Cash/Ibotta and Coupons dotcom rebates earned...$441.25
That makes everything a $110.30 moneymaker for the week.
I am a tad worn out with R-A right now but luckily I rolled all the BC so I am good until 5/2 or so to take a break. That's a good thing since this week is rather thin on the deals.


Just to recap 

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