Saturday, April 24, 2021

Frugal Friday on Saturday....the April 24th Edition

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Life has been crazy business this past week.  Between RL stuff and preparing for a trip and working on Ibotta and going to Rite-Aid a bazillion times(plus repairing a friend's pair of jeans)I've gotten not much else done and what got done wasn't done in a timely manner.  Such is life.....  Which means FF on Saturday as I am a day behind.

Here are some wins from the past week.........

*  My desk lamp(actually a standing lamp next to my desk)finally got replaced.  It was a cheap clearnce find at a Walmart in West Virginia years ago but the screw on shade finally cracked all the way around so it was a bare lightbulb deal for the last few months and I felt like I was being interrogated by the coppers when using it. lol
I looked online for an inexpensive replacement lamp but came up empty, then we had to go to Lowe's to scope out replacment fixtures for the bathroom we are having redone and I wandered down the lighting aisle there and found a lamp that worked for me!

The best part it was free since I used the last of an old Lowe's gift card I earned through my credit card points. 8-))

*  Since I've spent almost nothing of the various "stimmy" checks Uncle Sam sent me and my desk chair was getting uncomfortable/worn out I had found one I liked online but the price was too high so I got on their notification list for if it ever went on sale/the price was reduced.  I know, I was "free" money to begin with but I still wasn't going to spend more than $XX on a chair. ;-)  Finally got it as the price came down....

Now all my adult gamer children are lusting after it....except it's purple! lolz

*  I have been making Rite-Aid my bitch this week, using those 4 different Coupon Codes.  No photos yet because I am going out this morning to finish up and what's here is still laying in bags on the floor in the dining room. #notagreathousekeeper  

I'll do a massive haul photo shot tomorrow, probably just for Sonya Ann's enjoyment. ;-)

* Other than R-A I've hit two different Walmarts this week working on various Bonuses.  I did a blog post a day or so ago about the first Walmart trip so I'll get something done up about trip #2 from Friday later on and how much I "spent" OOP after rebates on various apps.

*  I found money!
Not a stellar week for change finds but it was something.

There may be another penny or two hidden amongst all the crap on my desk but I haven't had time to find it so 3 pennies it is.  It was all found last weekend or earlier this week so I don't even remember when or where but the probability is high they were all found at Rite-Aid since the only places I've been this week are at multiple R-As and Walmart.

That's all I have for this week.

Tell us your wins and remember to stay frugal my friends!



  1. I used a 25% coupon on Papa Murphys, which will feed us 3 x. Bug win was an little hoped for, but very happy to see, that my daughter received a scholarship.

  2. I have never seen anyone find money like you do - you are a true money magnet!!!

  3. There are not enough hours in the day to shop properly like you do and keep house.


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