Saturday, April 3, 2021

Frugal Friday on Saturday

 A fair amount of Frugal this past week.........

*  Many Rite-Aid Deals combining regular Bonus Cash Deals, sale prices, coupons and Spend $50/Get $15 BC back coupons.

*  I got two freebies last Friday at the Discount Grocery Outlet.  I took no photos but I can tell you it was a bag of some kind of "healthy" chips and a 4 pack of Bloody Mary mix.  I don't drink Bloody Mary's but I can just use those in spaghetti sauce or another sort of tomato based dish.

*  I took a rare trip to Target on Thursday and used a long ago paid for gift card to do the "Spend $50/Get a $10 Target gift card deal.
I found some meat deals--50% off a 1.5 lb. pack of stew beer and $1 off 1 lb. of ground beef.  "Spent" $58.96, "saved" $23.10 according to Target and really earned back $13.29 on Ibotta for some of the items I bought and got a $10 Target gift card. -)

*  I had a semi-annual dental check-up.  No cavities or problems, just x-rays and a cleaning.  I scored some toothpaste and mouthwash samples(as well as a couple of coupons good for a few months).

*  I went back to OSJL this past week to get more of those "Craveology" trail mix jars off the "Eat for Free" table but they were all gone!  So I picked up 2 bottle of Asian sauces and a box of pasta.  Total came to $7.97 but I used a Crazy Deal gift card to pay so Zero OOP.  Sorry no picture. 8-(

*  I found money!

Found these coins in various spots in Rite-Aid last Friday.

Found these two pennies by the front register on Saturday at Rite-Aid.

And found this dime on Tuesday near the pharmacy counter at Rite-Aid. 
My Rite-Aid was a honey hole this past week.   I just wish I could find lost quarters too.  8-))

Total Found This Week.... .24¢
Total Found This Year.....$2.14

That's about it this week.........

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?
Let us know!!
And have a peaceful Easter weekend,


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  1. Happy Easter! Since I am going to be hitting to road on Monday, I have been eating out of my freezer and fridge lately. That was a money saver.


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