Friday, April 16, 2021

Frugal Friday....the April 17th Edition

 Here are the frugal wins for this past week........

*  Well I lied last week.  We DID have Take-Out/Eating Out last week.  I totally forgot about going out for Hubs birthday to Outback. Duh!  The good news is we had an old partially used gift card for that place so one of us ate free. lolz  I only ate half my meal saving the other half for lunch the next day. ;-)

*  Because of the $10 off $50 Rite-Aid coupon there was a bit of R-A pillaging......

You can read all the details in previous blog posts I wrote on those trips if interested.

*  Last Saturday this arrived in the mail.........

A prepaid debit card with a refund of an overcharge from 2018.  Back then Daughter was still on our insurance and we were paying her co-pays and this is a refund for something they overcharged us for.  I'd prefer they sent a refund in the form of a check but I'll take this anyway.  I can add this to my food budget and leave the equivalent amount on this card in our bank account instead. 8-)

*  I found money!

Last Friday's trip to Walmart netted me this penny tucked under a magazine rack while I was checking out.

On the way home on Friday I treated myself to a Chalupa at Taco Bell(using a gift card).  I did a little stretching exercise to reach this penny on the ground in the drive-thru lane.  I got it without falling out of my seat in the car even though I have inordinately short arms. lol

On Monday I hit the trifecta of pennies at my Rite-Aid.  That brown floor mat in front of the register counter camouflages pennies it seems because I spied 3 of them when it was my turn to check-out.  Woot!!

While waiting to get my Covid shot at the R-A 80 miles north of here on Tuesday I found 4 pennies on a table next to the chair I was sitting in in the waiting area by the pharmacy.  I reached for them and snagged one then Hubs "penny blocked" me and wouldn't let me take the other three.  Nobody else was around and coming back for them as they were obviously abandoned as being worthless pennies.  Hubs gets embarrassed when I pick up change because as he says, "We don't need it!".  He thinks it's demeaning to pick up change. Silly rabbit!  I'll remind him he said that the next time he tries to beat me to a nickel laying under the Amazon lockers in Walmart! 
I should have told him I'd be right there when we left the store and then gone back for Abe's 3 little friends in the back of the store. ;-)

Total Change This Week.... .06¢
Total Change This Year......$2.46

That's about it for this week unless you count getting 2 free Covid shots in order to hopefully stay out of the hospital and not come down with this horrible illness.

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?



  1. I am quite sure those three abandoned pennies felt even worse when you rescued their companion and left them behind. They probably have abandonment issues now. Poor pennies.

  2. Oh my what does Hubs think of the two of us racing for a penny? He needs to get with the program.

  3. Ibotta tried to short me $10 on the Incogmeato deal but the help ticket and multiple pictures worked.

    I went for the free vaccine today. Can barely move my arm but no other symptoms so far.

    My arms are almost freakishly long and I can reach pretty much anything. No assistance needed here for those top shelves. 😁

    Jen G.

  4. I found some change on the ground at our house ($.26), but it's most likely from one of the kids. Mine now. ;-)

    We had a really nice week with my parents in town. Frugal wouldn't be the first word I'd use to describe it, but we did cook a lot, and also made some freezer meals. I used grocery store rebates to offset some of the cost.


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