Thursday, April 22, 2021

Ibotta Midweek Bonus & 4 Other Rebate Apps...Not Free But Still Alright by Me

Here's how I did the Bonus on Ibotta this week.  

First at Rite-Aid I bought.....
2 x Almay make-up wipes on clearance=$3.24
2 x Got2Be stylers on clearance=$3.84
2 x Haribo Z!ng gummies on sale=$3.00

Total OOP was Zero(used Bonus Cash and combined these items with others so I could use a Spend $50/Get $15 in Bonus Cash Q).

Then at Walmart I bought.....
1 x Butterball Turkey Sausage=$2.34
1 x Breakstone cottage cheese=$3.14
1 x Gatorade Zero drink=$1.78
1 x Gatorade Super Shake=$2.98
1 x Godiva chocolate bar=$2.98
1 x Nestle spring morsels/chips clearance=.87¢
1 x Celestial Seasonings Tea=$2.37
1 x Airwick scented starter kit=$2.97
1 x Colgate Renewal toothpaste=$6.96
6 x Renuzit air fresheners=$5.82
2 x Cremo shave cream(online price adjusted)=$10.84
1 x Cheerios multigrain w/strawberries=$3.64
1 x Larabar cereal=$6.48
1 x Wonderworks Keto cereal=$6/98(yikes!)
1 x Shea Moisture men's shampoo clearance=$1.00* not an Ibotta offer but earned me 600 pts. on

Total OOP at Walmart....$57.40+$1.25 tax=$58.65  This was after using 3 coupons on 3 items(Gatorade, Celestial Seasonings, Colgate)totaling $2.25 in discounts too.

$7.00 in regular rebates at Rite-Aid
$24.60 in regular rebates at Walmart.
General Mills Bonus of .50¢
Alba Botanical/Celestial Seasonings Bonus of $1.00
$5.00 Midweek Bonus for doing 15+ reg. rebates.
$38.10 in rebates on Ibotta.

I also submitted to Coupons dotcom for a $2.75 rebate for the 3 cereals I bought($1 off Larabar, $1 Wonderworks, .75¢ off  Cheerios).
I submitted the Walmart receipt to Shop Kick and got 600 Kicks for the Shea Moisture men's item($2.40).
I submitted the Walmart and Rite-Aid receipts to Fetch and got 3,196 points back($3.19)/
I submitted the Walmart receipt to SwagBucks and got 253 points($2.53-it should have been 503 pts. but they shorted me 250 pts.on the toothpaste).
All these came to $10.87 in rebates.
When added to the Ibotta rebates the Grand Total earned is $48.97 in rebates on $58.65 spent OOP so $9.68 including tax for everything.

I would have been a slight moneymaker as I tried to use a $10 prepaid Visa card at Walmart but the self-check out wouldn't take it and I wasn't going to bother the CSM on duty for a third time to get it accepted.  I'll just use it at Weis where I know I won't have a problem with it(of course, now that I've written that, there will be a problem at Weis(PMITA)Markets.). lolz

Not a bad day of shopping. ;-)


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  1. That was a great day of shopping, Sluggy. We are going to have to get coupons now that we are back to shopping in the physical stores.


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