Sunday, April 25, 2021

Rite-Aid Pillaging for the Week of April 18th....Whoa Nelly!

 Get ready for your Rite-Aid porn cousin!

Here is everything I "bought" this past week at Rite-Aid in two photos because I couldn't fit it all on the dining room table together. lolz

Not pictured are two large DiGiorno pizzas as well as the two online orders I placed that haven't arrived yet.  Independent of the 4 different coupon codes you could also do an online order per card/account as well.  Online there was an extra discount of $10 off your order if you hit $65 total before digital Qs or that $10 discount.  It will be about another week before 6 x Magnilife products, 2 x 7th Generation Paper Towel bundles, 2 x 7th Generation Dish Soap bottles and 6 bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide arrive but I have included them in the totals.

I was also forced to spend $2.52 on a credit card for one of my online orders as I was short that much in Bonus Cash and the form wouldn't let me use a gift card. sigh.  So I won't have a 100% savings rate this month. 8-P

Here are the numbers for R-A from last week.......

Bonus Cash Used/Rolled  $423.05
Gift Card Used                   $11.04
Credit Card                          $2.52
Total Spent                       $436.61

Bonus Cash Earned          $378.00
Ibotta/Coupons dotcom      $21.00
Cash Refund on 3 items       $8.34
Total Back                        $407.34

$436.61-$407.34=$29.27 OOP either on the c/c($2.52) or spending down BC($26.75).

Not quite free but it's a living. 8-))
I'm taking a break from R-A this week as it's not a great deal week(no coupon codes either)and I don't need to roll my BC anytime soon.

Now to work on my Walmart/Ibotta numbers from Friday.


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