Sunday, April 18, 2021

For Sonya's Viewing Pleasure

Cousin Sonya gets her jollies looking at my Rite-Aid pillaging so even though nobody else wants to see this, I indulge her now and again on the blog.

Here ya go Gurl!

Here is everything I brought home(at least I "think" this is everything)last week from Rite-Aid.  This photo includes 10 packs of baby wipes, 8 bags of clearance Epsom salts, 7 Nivea men's face products, 10 bottles of Vitamins/Supplements, 2 boxes of clearance hair dye, 2 packs of Preparation H wipes, 2 bags of dishwasher tabs, 2 bottles of spray disinfectant, 2 bottles of clearance Gray Away hair powder, 3 rolls of paper towels, 1 big jug of liquid hand soap, 1 bottle of clearance Eucerin lotion, 2 bottles of clearance Gain dish soap, 2 Kerasal foot masks, 12 big bags of candy, 2 Got2Be clearance stylers, 1 Got2Be clearance hair chalk, 4 Almay clearance cosmetic items, 5 Revlon clearance cosmetic items and 1 tube of clearance Mederma scar away.

Between all the Bonus Cash used and also used about half of a free R-A $50 gift card and all the BC earned back, Ibotta rebates, Coupon dotcom digital Qs monies earned back plus a whole .30¢ earned back on Swag Bucks on a roll of paper towels, I have "spent down" my BC/Gift Cards by $8.68.

This week there is a "Spend $50/Get $15 in Bonus Cash" Coupon Deal.  Supposedly there are 4 different coupon codes but I haven't found the 4th one yet.



  1. Well, I do like seeing what you get. I live for it.

  2. I really like seeing the way you score your bargains, but it leaves me shaking my head, because__math!

  3. it sounds almost a treasure hunt.

  4. Wish we had a your deals.


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