Friday, January 22, 2021

Fugal Friday.....the January 22nd Edition

 Not much this week that was frugal but one really big win!  Let's take a look........

*  I only did the gift card glitch deal at Rite-Aid so far this week....

Plus there are two different Spend $50 Get $15 BC coupons(they have different barcodes)so you can do the deals twice on each card and get the $15 BC if you have a mind to(I haven't.).  I used gift money to buy the Rite-Aid gift card so that's a bonus win too. ;-)

*  I did the Ibotta Midweek Bonus at Walmart.......

After ALL rebates the above cost me MINUS $6.13. 8-)))

*  Hubs took me out for lunch yesterday on my Birthday. Of course I found and printed a coupon(10% off)to reduce the cost. lol

*  I found money!

Not much to report in for this week.....

This penny found in front of the beer cafe/bakery register at Weis(PMITA)Markets on Tuesday.

And this penny found at the register in Rite-Aid when I went in on Thursday.

Found Money This Week..... .02¢
Found Money This Year.....  .19¢

*  I actually sold something on eBay this past week!

This Osbourne Family(from their old MTV reality show)Throw blanket still new in the package.
Back right before Christmas I had an eBay user who sent me the same Offer on it three times(that's the limit on offers you can send a Seller).  They kept sending the same $ amount offer and it was a lowball one so I just ignored them.  Ignored for the low amount and because it was so close to Christmas and with the USPS so backed up I know I'd have problems with it getting to them in time.  So this past week another buyer paid full asking price for it and it's on the way to them.  Sometimes it pays to hold out for full price.  And they still got a good deal first because this item is long ago discontinued and it still has the retail price of $59.99 on the package. 8-)

*  And my big frugal win for the week considering I HAD TO spend money on it.......

My computer is coming up on 8 years old and on it's last legs so I needed a new machine.  I got input from my tech support guy(Ex-College Boy)and we decided on this one as it had most of what I needed(the only flaw is the screen isn't as big as the one on my old laptop but I can live with that).  So I bit the bullet and ordered it.  This bad boy retails for over $1,100.

But the cost wasn't as painful as you'd have thought.  I have been saving our credit card points for a few years now(use to get gift cards with points for Xmas presents to give out to the kids)and I had $641 worth of points to put toward the laptop so it only cost me $400 and some OOP.

And guess where that $400 and some came from?  Yep, my stimulus check, so in the end this cost me NADA OOP.
yay. me.

That's about all I've got this week.........

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?
Tell us all about them!



  1. Happy Birthday Sluggy! I hope you had a great day. What a great deal on your new computer. I'm very happy for you.

  2. Wow-that' a lot of points. DH is in the market for a computer, but he really needs to learn to use one. He is so addicted to his tablet-never needed a PC.

  3. That is a great deal on the computer!

  4. Good for you holding out on the blanket. I fond some of these people will just low ball for fun, but I always win when I hold out. Great on the new computer.

  5. How do you put together your Ibotta deals?

  6. Happy Birthday Sluggy!!! And what a win on the computer!!

  7. Not much again but went to Kroger today. They had quite a few digital coupons and some matched with Ibotta. Received $12.95 from Ibotta and finally found some new cat food flavors for Zima. Options have been very limited the last few months.

    Jen G.


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