Friday, January 15, 2021

Frugal Friday 2021....the January 15th Edition

 Here's what passed for frugal last week around Chez Sluggy.........

* I finally! returned some clothes I got on clearance last January for Ex-College Boy to give him for Christmas in 2020.  Seems when he moved out in July he found a bunch of never worn clothes similar to these in the disaster that was his bedroom so he no longer needed these items.  I wanted to make sure he didn't need the clothes so I waited until Christmas was over and I ALWAYS keep receipts. lol

Just short of $49 in shopping credit back to spend on ME! ;-)

*  My CBD oil order finally arrived safely.  I ordered this back in early December.  According to the UPS tracking it made it to the NEPA distribution center here and then UPS sent it back to the company!  I got an email that it was delivered right after Xmas so went outside to find it....nope nothing there.  So I expanded the details and Shannon from the loading dock  received the package.  Hmm, no Shannon's here and we don't have a loading dock so it seems UPS sent the package back to the company in IL. lolz

Long story longer, said company reshipped it and UPS decided to actually deliver it to me this go 'round.  The company is still waiting on an explanation why they did that other thing last time.

I'm just happy it arrived NOT broken(glass bottles were not packed well).  I got a great deal on this lot-buy 1 bottle and get 5 free plus free shipping.  go. me.

* I found money!

I found 3 pennies at Dollar General last Saturday.  Two near the register and another on the sidewalk outside the building as I was walking in.

Then I found this dime at Rite-Aid.  It was in the sliding door entrance track just waiting for me to cross the threshold and pick him up!

Found Money This Week.... .13¢
Found Money This Year...... .17¢

* I found an on sale Larabar at R-A on Tuesday with a peelie coupon........

Paid .49¢ in Bonus Cash and the Coupons dotcom app sent me $2.29 to my Paypal account for buying it. ;-)

*  I finished the Ibotta $10 Bonus this week between offers at CVS, Rite-Aid and Walmart(plus shops last week at Weis and Rite-Aid)......

I also earned $ on ShopKick, Checkout51 and Fetch Rewards for some of this, stacking various rebate offers.  I used $30 in free gift cards at Walmart to bring the total OOP at all stores down to $45.79 and earned $108.39 back in cash rebates.

*  I also got a refund one one R-A transaction because my 20% Wellness Discount didn't come off of the regular priced items..........

This money went into my Refund/Post Coupon envelope and basically converted $7.73 of Bonus Cash into real cash.

*  We got Stromboli from a local pizza joint last Friday as Ex-CB came over. I made a Caesar Salad to go with it. Finished using a gift card for that joint so only had to pay OOP for a little more than half of the cost of the Strombolis.  It was a lot of food and we've had the leftovers twice for lunches this week(plus sent some home with Ex-CB).  

We also got lunch out at Applebee's on Tuesday and used a $25 gift card so only $12.63 OOP including the tip.  Gotta keep on top of these gift cards!

* On the "Use Down the Pantry/Freezer" Front.......

This is an old popcorn barrel I washed to reuse to store dry goods.  I filled it 3/4 full last year with a bulk elbow pasta buy at one of the Amish grocery outlets around here for very little money.  We've been working our way through this dried pasta supply all of 2020.  I made macaroni salad yesterday in prep for tonight's dinner.  I think one more dish of mac and cheese, American Chop Suey or a soup with noodles with finish this off.  rah.

That's about it from my part of the world.

What's going on frugal-wise in your corner of the world?



  1. I am finding things in the larder to use up in a soup, rather than throwing them out. That's my frugal matter.

  2. I keep receipts, too. They have saved me money many times.


  3. I completed an Ibotta survey for $1. Made up a new banana bread recipe using old peanuts dated best by May 2019. I ate a few first and they weren’t even stale.

    This is my non-shopping week so that’s pretty much it.

    Jen G.


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