Friday, October 13, 2017

Frugal Friday.....October 13th Edition

Here's the frugal stuff I did this week.........most of it involved saving while spending money.

*  Did a Rite-Aid Deal yesterday which I talked about HERE.

*  Hit both my usual grocery stores this week for loss leaders.

5 lbs. of potatoes for .99¢
4 lbs. of sugar for .99¢
5 lbs. of flour for .49¢
1 lb. pasta for .88¢(plus will get a .50¢ rebate so .38¢ OOP)*not pictured

I picked up meats with instant discount stickers--
4.81 lbs. chicken thighs for .76¢ lb.
1.38 lbs. ground beef for $2.81 lb.(85% lean)
1.35 lbs. sweet  Italian sausage for $1.89 lb.

I also picked up some produce deals 50% off--
2 x bagged salad kits for $1.99 each
1 x large clam shell of spring mix greens for $1.74
1 x 1 lb. whole mushrooms $1.99

And 1 frozen food item, a Shrimp Toast appetizer, for 50% off Plus it had a $3 off sticker on it so this $8.99 item was $1.49 OOP.  We'll save it for the Holidays when we entertain and need nibble type foods to set out.

* Weis(PMITA)Markets had a Mix and Match 6 select items, Get $3 off Instantly deal which included the Minute Maid OJ last ad.  I got 3 Minute Maid OJ cartons on sale for $1.99 each and earned another $2 OYNO Catalina which is good until 1/5/2018.(I already had bought 2 toward the 5 cartons I need to earn this Catalina in a previous week.)
This makes 2 of these Cats I have so far.  I am hoping to get another sale on MM OJ before the year is out, stock up on 5 more OJs, which will give me $6 in store script to spend in December at Weis.

* Hubs wanted to replace our ladder(ours is old and not very safe to use anymore)so he researched online for the best deal on what he required, located the ladder at Lowe's and I gave him a $100 Lowe's gift card I earned with c/c points to go purchase it.

* Hubs wanted to have a lunch out this week(we were both getting a little stir crazy)so I found a coupon to a local restaurant to apply to the bill.  The Q brought the bill down enough to cover our tip.

* Since retiring we've gone over the budget/bills/money and Hubs has decided he wants to eat out a little more than we have been(regular eating out, not trip eating out)so I am finding ways to do this on the cheap. (See previous item.)  I just bought a $30 voucher for a local restaurant for $15.  Paying less than market price for a meal helps keep Eating Out costs lower.  I just have to remember to use this before Dec. 31st as it expires then.

* Since we were out down the mountain we hit the Bread Outlet.

I would much rather pay $1 a package there than even sale prices at the grocery stores.
This lot cost me $3.

What did you do that helped you be frugal this week?



  1. Would love to try Dove shampoo

  2. I have not been in a grocery store for six days. I do have to go today however as we are out of milk and lettuce. I bought 8 books for a dollar at a local thrift store (the total of my shopping this week lol). Hubby got our lawnmower fixed for nothing (it just needed a 2 minute adjustment) but felt bad about the guy not charging so he had him sharpen the blade and he paid $16 for that, a total bargain. That is about it foor my frugalness. I can see why in retirement your hubs would want to eat out more, he had a lot of social activity when at work and being home all the time just doesn't cut it. You have the grocery stores for your activity but what does he have?

  3. I used a coupon I bought for $6 to pay for $17.52 at DQ.

  4. sweet deals!!! Loss leaders... got a plan going now!...

  5. Wow 4 pounds of Domino sugar doe 99 cents. I would be all over that!

  6. Great frugaling deals! We like to eat out, too, and try to always do it with discounts. Today we used a purchased gift card for one of our favorite restaurants that we bought from Gift Card Bin. Saved 15% on the card's value.


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