Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Last Day to Enter the Giveaway!

Here's the reminder that today(before 11:59pm ET)is the last day to enter the current giveaway.
The link to do so is HERE.

Here is a photo of what you can win if your entry is chosen........

1 x GE LED bright stick ligh bulbs 40W(2 pack)
1 x Simple moisturizing facial wash
1 x Dove shampoo
1 x Similisan Arnica Activ skin spray
1 x Centrum vitamints
1 x Physician's Formula lash boosting mascara
1 x Cover Girl aqua smooth powdered make-up(spf 15/natural ivory #715)
1 x Oral-B toothbursh
1 x Colgate Enamel Health toothpaste
1 x Eucerin skin calmin lotion(sample size)
1 x Wet n' Wild nail color(clear)
1 x Wet n' Wild nail color(yo soy)
1 x Revlon lip stick(plum)
1 x Julie nail color(super villian)
1 x Nutra Nail instant nail strengthener
1 x 10 ct. #2 pencils
1 x pack of Glide dental picks
12 x Cadbury Chocolates(5 x Dark Choc. w/Sea Sale & Caramel/7 x Milk Choc. w/Raisins & Almonds

So don't forget to enter sometime today. 8-)

* Please Note*
Some of you have entered already have NOT supplied an email address to me.  If I don't have your email address you can't win!  So either make sure you put your email address in your entry comment or you email me privately your email address.  If you assume your blogger id includes an email address please double check that.  If your User ID is through Google then your email address is NOT visible to me and you need to send me your email address privately to arcure(at)ptdprolog(dot)net.

Ok, I am off now to try and be productive with a puppy loose. hahaha



  1. Whew! I got in on this giveaway with an hour to spare!!!
    Have fun with that pup!

  2. Me, Me, Me, Me needs this, me wants this, me.

  3. Give-away sounds awesome.... I have emailed you my email privately ... I had entered prior and you did not have my email.

  4. Would love to win all the Cadbury,
    my email is

  5. Great Give away as always. As I think my readers are your readers, I didn't add to my boring blog posts. Don't include me in the drawing;I'm just stopping by to say hello and prompt others to enter.

  6. Hope everyone reading this decides to enter. I entered on a whim after reading for years and actually won. You could be next!


  7. Hey Slugmama I could not email you but I hope you got my email address in a comment


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