Friday, October 20, 2017

Frugal Friday....the October 20th Edition

Well another week has come and gone here at Chez Sluggy.
I can't think of much that we did that was frugal and worth noting.

*  Adopting a puppy is decidedly not frugal and that's what took up the bulk of my week. lolz

Here is our newest member of the family on his ride home to our house.
We have had to buy "things" this week to keep him healthy, happy and safe.  Tried to use coupons and get deals and just buy what was needed so no frou-frou doggie clothes or gem studded collars and such.  We got a daytime crate, leash and a pet gate at Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap)and a couple of toys with a 10% off discount ticket I had.  Puppy food, a snuggly bed and collar for 20% off at the pet store.  Then Hubs went up to Walmart and procured was is really a cat carrier for his sleeping quarters at night.  Yes, he is that small. lolz
Money spend at the vet on a check-up, shots and medications were essential and we are cash flowing all his expenses.

*  No eating out this week as we don't want to both be away from the new puppy for a long stretch at a time(potty training time, ya know).

*  I talked about the diapers I bought to turn around and resell and the free TRU gift cards I earned and the small Weis trip I did.
I went back to Rite-Aid this week to spend my $10 Catalina the last diaper transaction earned me since I was there picking up rxs anyway.

3 x bags of chocolate Halloween candy on sale $5=$15.00
2 x Speed Stick deodorant on sale $2.99=$5.98

Coupons Used
1 x $1.50/3 Hershey candy bags ManuQ=$1.50
2 x $2/1 Speed Stick deodorant R-A In-AdQ=$4.00
1 x BOGOFree Speed Stick(certain varieties)ManuQ=$2.99
1 x $10 OYNO CatalinaQ=$10.00
Coupon Total........$18.49

I paid with $2.49 in Plenti Points and earned $3.00 back in new PPs($3 wyspend $30 on select candy bags).
Not bad, spent down $2.49 and earned $3 in new PPs so a .51¢ moneymaker.

* On a Frugal "Fail" note-I neglected to notice and submit for a $1 cash rebate on my Checkout51 account on Wednesday(the last day to submit for the previous week's receipts)for the Sandwich Bros. item I bought.  There was a $1 off 1 purchase rebate that would have brought that Weis shop down to $12.52.  Oh well, nobody can win them all, right? ;-)

Any Frugal Wins at your house lately?



  1. He is so cute! How does he get along with your daughters dog? Yes, dogs are expensive (especially ones that need their hair cut as often as humans do like my Buddy) but SOOOOO worth every cent spent.

    1. I grew up with a poodle so I know all about those grooming bills. lolz
      Daughter's dog and Chester get along ok. DD's dog is quite gentle with him but she gets tired of being pestered sometimes and she lets Chester know.
      Puppies are tiring is all I can say right now. lolz

  2. He is so cute. You will just love him you old softie. remember You are always welcome here even with the puppy. The Haverfield hotel takes animals and men. I miss you lots and lots. I need me a Sluggy fix.

  3. That puppy is so adorable. He's worth every penny.


  4. He is a cute puppy. The best thing about a little dog is that they eat little.
    I had forgotten how much I loved having a dog around until Shelby came our way.

  5. Congrats on the new puppy! What a cutie patooty!!

  6. Puppy looks so bright and alert.
    Hope to win your latest bloggy box of goodies.

  7. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. Chester sure is a cutie, and I don't envy you the potty training, etc. Kittens are a lot of work too, but not as much as puppies.

    This week our Kroger had a baking sale. I got some of the Duncan Hines cake mixes and brownie mixes, and some of the cream cheese blocks, all were on the 10/$10 sale. They also had butter for $2.50/package, so I picked up half a dozen of those also. Kroger also had a B4G$4 off mega sale, I didn't need much from that, but they did have the small bottles of Tide Simply for .99 after sale and q.

  8. Chester is adorable. His fur looks so soft.

  9. You had another great week! I love your new puppy! Have you named him yet?

  10. Hope Chester is feeling at home now in his forever home. When you mentioned the diapers I thought they were for Chester lol! How's the training going?


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