Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Diaper Queen of NEPA

So I printed off some more Huggies $2/1 Qs on Saturday morning and while out running errands down the mountain I found more diapers.

                     * Previous transaction pictured but it's the same.

I bought 8 more packs in two transactions.
I used the previous $10 OYNO Catalina I had left(from the two transactions on my card last week)in Transaction #1 on my son's card and paid $15.96 in Plenti Points.
$33.96-$8 in Qs=$25.96-$10 Cat used=$15.96 spent down PPs.
I earned $10 in new PPs and received another $10 OYNO Catalina for buying the diapers.

I rinsed and repeated the transaction using 4 more Qs($8 worth).
Transaction #2--$33.96-$8 in Qs=$25.96-$10 Cat=$15.96 spent down PPs.
I earned $10 in new PPs and received another $10 OYNO Catalina for buying the diapers.

That receipt also printed out the Q for the free $25 TRU gift card when you spend $50 on cdertain baby items.

But that Rite-Aid was out of TRU gift cards.

So on Monday I went up to my local Rite-Aid and redeemed the gift card Q....

Here's the score card on the diapers now, for those playing at home. lolz

Brought home.....
16 packs of diapers
2 packs of Tummy Zen
1 pack of light bulbs
1 spray deodorant

Used $77.83 in Plenti Points
Earned $45.00 in new Plenti Points
So "spent down" $32.83 in Plenti Points

For spending down $32.83 in PPs I earned....

Earned $10 Catalina(one left to spend)to use later on product
Earned $50 in TRU gift cards
Earned $3 Ibotta cash refund
Potential earnings of $80-$88 for selling the diapers once I get around to that.

I just wish I had had enough Huggies Qs to do this deal again on Daughter's card. 8-)



  1. Why so many diapers? Do you have a baby in the family or do you use them for baby gifts? Just curious or nosey may be a better word.

    1. I dabble in a little merchandise arbitrage. I purchase using PPs only, no cash OOP. I use these to turn my Plenti Points into cash as I can easily resell these locally. The buyer gets cheaper to them diapers and I turn my PPs into cash.
      I can also use for gifts and give packs to teh food bank locally if I want as well.

  2. I wonder if RA has heard about you? I suppose your advertising is cheap to them.

  3. I really do need to figure this diaper business out. I would love to purchase diapers for no oop cost to me to give to foster families, since I know what the state gives them doesn't come near the actual cost especially for babies in diapers

  4. This kind of shopping is great, but pretty complicated for my feeble brain.



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