Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Spending O' The Cats....At Weis Markets

I had $59 left in Weis Catalinas to spend by June 30th.
5 of them were for $10 and you could only use 1 of these in a transaction.
The smaller denomination Cats have no limit on how many could be redeemed in a transaction.
This just means I had to make lots of little trips to the store.

Here is what I got on Monday.....

4 x Ocean Spray 100% Juice on sale $2=$8.00
3 x Salmon steaks on sale $3.99lb.=$7.66

I used...
1 x $10 OYNO Cat
1 x $5 OYNO Cat

$15.66-$15.00=$.66 OOP

The daughter got this....

3 x Grapefruit on sale $1.00=$3.00
.94lb. x Pears on sale=$1.49
1.41lb. x Yellow Squash on sale=$1.82
1 x Salmon Fillet on sale $5.99lb=$6.47


I used....
1 x $10 OYNO Cat

$12.78-$10.00=$2.78 OOP

Grand Total OOP for the day....$3.44

Reg. retail of all items....$44.43
Savings of 92.25%

Then on Wednesday, I did this....

2 x Kibbles n' Bits big bag on sale $11.49=$22.98

Used Coupons.....
2 x $1/1 IPQ(we didn't get the ManuQ on Sunday)=$2.00
1 x Instant $5 Discount WYB $20 worth=$5.00
Total off...$7.00

I used Cats....
1x $10 OYNO
1 x $4 OYNO
Total Cats=$14

$15.98-$14.00=$1.98 + $1.08 tax=$3.06 OOP

And Daughter bought this....

2 x Hellmans' Mayo on sale $1.99=$3.98
1 x 2.14lb. Sirloin Roast $3.89lb=$8.32

Coupons Used....
1 x $2/2 Hellman's ManuQ=$2.00


Cats used...
1 x $10 OYNO=$10.00

$10.30-$10.00=$.30 OOP

Grand Total OOP for the day....$3.36

Reg. retail of all items....$50.18
Savings of 93.30%

Saturday, Hubs and I went and bought this.....

5 x Bounty napkins(turned in my raincheck for $2.50ea.)=$12.50
2 x Salad BOGO=$3.79
1 x Hellman's Mayo=$1.99
1 x Gold Peak Tea on sale=$1.00
1lb. Cooper Cheese(actual more than 1lb.)=$7.27
2lbs. Salmon fillets on sale=$12.04

Couons Used....
2 x $1/2 Bounty napkins ManuQ(expiring today)=$2.00
1 x $1/1 Hellman's Olive Oil Mayo ManuQ(AllYou)=$1.00
1 x $.50/1 Gold Peak Tea IPQ(doubled)=$1.00
1 x $1/1lb. Cooper Cheese(when bought at the deli counter)ManuQ=$1.00
1 x $10 OYNO Catalina Q(last one, expiring today)=$10.00
Coupon Total....$15.00


I used the $5 Weis gift card I got when the Bounty was out and I could do the Cat Deal, so the manager gave me a $5 for the $5 Cat I should have gotten.

$23.59-$5.00=$18.59 OOP
AND I got another $2.00 off OYNO Catalina for this transaction.

Reg. retail was $57.41
My savings rate was 67.62%.

In all, I got groceries with a retail value of $152.02.
I spent out of pocket $25.39 after sales, coupons, catalinas and free gift card.
I received a $2 Catalina for more free food.
And my savings rate was 83.30%.

Not bad for starting with $59 in free money to spend. ;-)

What great deals did you find at the stores this week?


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