Friday, June 15, 2012

Just Throwing Money Around Like There's No Tomorrow!

This week has been all about spending money.
It's SO not me! lol
But it's spending with a purpose.

We are putting in hardwood floors in the dining/living room this summer.
Well "WE" aren't since we can't, but the guy we are paying to do it is.
We need to buy the wood so I can use all the Lowe's gift cards I can get with this $10 OYNO Cat Deal!
It's stuff I have to purchase anyway, so why not get free groceries when I buy them at the grocery store, right?

I went back to Weis PMITA Markets Thursday morning and got another $50 Kohl's Gift Card....which meant another $10 Catalina in Free Groceries for later.  I also picked up another 3 bags of coffee.  3 bags for the $6.19 price of one bag.....good deal!

After going through #2 Son's clothes, we figured we needed a bit more in new clothing than I had hoped so we went armed with $100 in gift cards.
And we got everything he needed and spend $100.34.
And I found a t-shirt for #1 Son on sale and picked that up with my cash.  His 21st birthday is next month and I won't see him then, so I'm bringing a gift bag of presents since we'll see him when he drop of #2 son this weekend.
I spent another $10 on underwear at KMart for the teen, and $4 on sundries at the $ Store(eyeglass repair kit, eyeglass cleaner, batteries for his flashlight, and a laundry bag).
The teen spending is done and just the packing is left to do.
No wait!  He still needs bug spray and I forgot to pick it up at Rite-Aid last night so I am going back on Saturday morning. ugh.

I went to Rite-Aid after dinner on Thursday to pick up 2 of the $50 "Home Improvement" Store Gift Cards.  This is my first time into Rite-Aid since the Load2Card thing started loading +Ups onto Wellness cards instead of printing on the receipts.  I came armed with the instructions to "opt out" of loading them onto the L2Card but it was not needed.  The +Ups printed on the receipt as usual.  But I'll keep the instructions in the car just in case I need them at a future point in time.
So another $100 in gift cards good at Lowe's/Home Despot to buy the hardwoods for the guy to install in the living room.
And $20 in +Up Rewards as a bonus to spend in the next 2 weeks.
I guess this means I am back on the Rite-Aid merry-go-round.

Then I trotted back to Weis PMITA Markets.
I had a Spend $45, get $3.50 oyno Catalina, so I wanted to get my order over $45(before coupons, but after sale prices).
I bought $106.73 worth of stuff.

Everything was on sale except the milk.  Some of the things were on deep Grand Opening discount like the soda, coffee, bread and Oreos.

Sale prices applied made my order $47.53.
Then the $3.50 Cat was applied=$44.03.
I had free item Qs for the Pizza Rolls and the Honey Bunches of Oats cereal(Thanks Frances!).
I had $1 Qs for the Polar Seltzer and a .75¢ Q for the Jimmy Dean Sandwiches(which doubled to $1).
One of the packages of Oreos had a $1 off wyb a gallon of milk w/the cookies(which I planned to buy anyway), so one of the Oreos was .88¢ after sale and Q.
Then I used a $2 OYNO Cat, a $3 OYNO Cat and a $7 OYNO Cat.
Altogether that's another $21.18 off my total....$44.03-$21.18=$22.85 OOP.
That's a 78.59% savings.
And I got another $5 OYNO Catalina.

I bought another $50 in gift cards and received yet another $10 OYNO Catalina for that.

I now have $35 in Catalinas(plus the $5 gift card for NOT buying the Bounty last week lol)to spend at Weis and $20 in +Ups to spend at Rite-Aid.
$60 in free food/toiletries at Weis and Rite-Aid for spending money on stuff I had to get anyway and gift cards for spending I have to do anyway.

As soon as this Gift Card Deal is over(I plan to get a few more before it ends on Saturday), I'll be on vacation and spending money wantonly next week.
Between motels, dining, gas and a few sights that are NOT free, I'll be shelling out about $1K.
At least that is my soft budget limit.
The trip is being paid for out of my Savings Challenge money I saved in 2011.
We haven't touched a penny of that $34K yet.
All paid for in cash.
Anything put on a credit card(for convenience)will be paid for out of this cash when the statement cuts.

I think I'll go lay down for awhile.
This money leak may give me a nose bleed or something! ;-)



  1. I can't believe you can keep this all straight! I am dizzy

    1. Some days Kim I can't even walk straight.
      But put a dollar sign in front and I do

  2. I am extremely curious and baffled by your "to do" list. There are always pajama pants to sew. Are you sewing pj pants from scratch? Hemming? Mending? If these are mending jobs, how on earth do you have so many to mend? Who causes these pants to go on the list. Sorry, I just had to ask again. I asked once and never saw an answer.

    At one time, you had three pair to sew. Is this one on the list now part of that three pair that was not completed way back then?

    1. lolol....that pair is from the original 3 pairs I was making. I just have to cut down the top as daughters wants them below waist line height and then redo the elastic casing and "elastic" them. She hasn't been home for me to try them on her but now that she is home, I can't use that as an excuse anymore, can I?lol
      I will get this done before June is over. Hold me to it, ok? ;-)

  3. I love how you are doing the deal for the hardwood floors. Genius!

    You will love hardwood floors.I have them in my kitchen, morning room,and hallways. They look fabulous and are so easy to take care of.


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