Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Drips & Drabs & Shopping on a Wet Tuesday

I went to check my credit card statement/balance this morning and found a charge from the Apple ITunes Store for over $100 on my account.
Neither Hubs or I download music or games or videos from ITunes...ever!

Great!  Something else to have to deal with....
I am thinking when I made those hotel reservations last weekend online, someone got access to our account #(at the hotels?)and went on a music spree for their iPod/iPad/whatever.
I checked with the kids and it wasn't one of them so it IS fraudulent.
Gosh I HATE technology when it doesn't work the way it's suppose to!!

I don't want to shut down the card though since we are going away and would put our spending on it as a convenience, so we don't have to carry buckets of money on us.

Yah, the modern life works well, except when it doesn't.

I noticed yesterday, after Carla posted about her mini goals for the week, that I had NOT updated my Monthly Goals side bar since......wait for it!.......APRIL.
It is almost halfway through June now.
So I went in and deleted stuff and updated the List.  It is current now.....and staring me in the face every time I go online, taunting me..... ;-)

*  While we are on the subject of people who are oblivious......**whistles and looks towards the sky**...I just noticed that I hit 200 Followers.
EEP!  How long ago did THAT happen?!?!
Who's too busy ranting and raving about life or hiding from life to notice that milestone?
Me evidently! 8-))
Now if someone goes an unfollows me, I'll just die, I will.
Don't mind me.....I'll be sitting over here stressing out over getting a couple more OVER 200 Followers, just in case someone comes to their senses and unfollows me and my numbers drop.

To prove I loves each and every one of you, what can I do to make you happy and make you stay?
Do I need to have another giveaway or something?  Input welcomed.....

I took #2 Son to his last flute lesson last night, until he returns from camp.  The date is unknown....could be July, could be August.  It all depends on if he gets asked to work at camp after his training weeks are done.  Cross your fingers he gets asked to work! 8-)

While I was over on the other side of the river, I ran two errands.  First to the health food store to restock on 6 lbs. of local honey.  DONE
I also picked up 1 lb. of flax seed and quinoa.  I tried before to choke down flax seeds with little success back when I was trying to be healthier.  I think I had a bad batch of the stuff before as it smelled rancid to me. 
The quinoa is just something I have been meaning to get Hubs to try.  When I am flush with cash the high cost doesn't wig me out too too badly.lol
 $27.77 total out of my pocket

Then it was over to the restaurant supply store to pick up some produce and eggs for cheaper than the grocery store, 6 lbs. of ground beef to bag up and freeze, a 2lb. bag of large(26 per lb.) shrimp for $9.99(cheaper than the grand opening deal at Weis this week!) and a big bag of potstickers(my weakness).
$48.04 poorer I left.

*  As I was riding on fumes and the little gas pump icon was on, I went to the new Weis gas station and filled up the tank.  80 gas points got me a fill-up for $2.549 a gallon.  I saved $12.80 on something I had to buy anyway.

*  This morning I took #2 Son and hit Weis PMITA Markets.  They are having a Grand Opening sale because of the new gas pumps here so we bought this stuff....
3 x Coke 12 packs $1.88 each=$5.64
WYB 3 12-packs, get a FREE 6 pack of $4.99 Vitaminwater

1 x Milk
1 x pkg. Bagels $2.35
2 x Oreos $1.88 each=$3.76
1 x Asparagus $1.03
1 x Celery $1.00
6 x COC $2.99
3 x Bread/Rolls BIG2Free $3.69
3 x Eight o'Clock Coffee B1G2Free $6.19
3 x Middleswarth Chips B1G2Free  $3.99

Reg. Retail...$85.79
Sale Price....$30.66

I used the $4 OM Cat from last week and the $10 Cat for buying $50 in gift cards, so my total OOP was $16.66.  (The teen cashier also gave me the Senior Discount again today! For another $1.07 off my bill I'll play along and be old.lol

I saved 80.59% on my order.
And I got these Cats....

$3.50 OYNO of $45.
$2.00 OYNO
And I still have the $7 CAT for buying Clorox last week, plus the $5 gift card(which I will save for awhile in case the Bounty napkins come in).

And then, since I need to buy #2 Son some clothes this week before camp, I bought this......

 $50 I was going to spend anyway on shorts and swim trunks.
And the $10 OYNO Cat printed out just fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. ;-)
$10 in free groceries for money I had to spend anyway?
Works for me!lol

To recap.....
I have spent $92.47 on food this week.
I have $27.50 in Catalinas for free food. 

I may go back for more coffee, soda, asparagus and gift cards this week.  I have the cash and it's a great deal so why not?

*  One thing I didn't buy was the Smuckers/Hungry Jack brands deal.  Both grocery stores in town are running a "Buy 7 selected items and get $5 instantly off your total" Deal.  The pancake mix is on sale for $2 a box and one of the items that qualifies.  This is one of the few things #2 Son will cook/fix himself, pancakes.  So having a mix handy for him will encourage him to make himself food during the summer.
7 boxes of pancake mix w/the discount comes to $9, or $1.28 a box.
But I figure pancake mix is just flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and baking soda.
I found a rubbermaid container in the kitchen that wasn't being used.  It has a pour lid and will hold a large quantity of mix.  I can pre-mix this up for him and as long as I tape instructions on the container(like the ratio of milk/egg to mix), he can use this instead.  I've got all the ingredients except for a new bag of flour, which I'll pick up when the next sale on it comes along while he is at camp.  I figure 2 bags of flour and the other ingredients won't even come to half of what I'd spend on 9 boxes of premade pancake mix, even on sale.
He'll be in the pancake making bidness as soon as he gets back!

Well that's about it for me today.  I'm off to dispute this credit card charge, then get directions down for some things we want to see/do on the vacation.
And then to read some blogs.



  1. I had that happen to my credit card last month - someone charged approx. $250 to a T-shirt company with my card #. The c/c company was very quick in reversing the charges after I called but I did have to get a new card with a new #. Took about a week til it showed up and I got it activated. I know it's an inconvenience but you don't want any more charges showing up on your card!

  2. I hate having to argue with a credit card company. UGH!
    It does my heart good to see you back to shopping. LOL


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