Monday, June 11, 2012

A Post For 444

I truly believe this man was one of the comic geniuses of the 20th Century.
I was "turned on" to his work when I was about 14.

I am posting this bit of nonsense for felllow blogger 444 but you can all get out your slide rules and enjoy it too!

*If you aren't familiar with operetta, the tune is by Arthur Sullivan, of Gilbert & Sullivan fame.*



  1. I can't put anything past these kids. They had already heard it. BUT... the younger one quite enjoyed the video (had only heard it, not seen it). So thank you! :o)

  2. I learned this in

  3. I was in this operetta in grade/high school! We did Gilbert & Sullivan every stinking year... My cousin did the Modern Major General part. I did the chorus on that song I believe.

  4. Didn't i hear recently that two more elements had been added to the table?
    Just one more reason to hate science!


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