Friday, June 15, 2012

$16 more in Free Food

Back to Weis......I should just pitch a tent in the parking lot, shouldn't I?

3 bags of 8 o'clock coffee=$6.19 *I have now switched from ground to whole bean coffee because it keeps longer and I already have 9 bags of
2 bags of Oreos=$3.76
2 containers of store made muffins 50% off=$4.49
3 12-packs of ginger-ale at $1.88=$5.64  *not pictured
1 6-pack of Vitamin Water=FREE wyb 3 12-packs coke products  *not pictured

Reg. shelf=$57.99
OOP=$20.08 + .34¢ tax=$20.42
65.37% savings rate.
And I got a $2 OYNO Catalina.

Then I bought another Lowe's gift card(paid for out of the money set aside for the home renovation)=$50.00

I received a $4 OYNO Catalina and the $10 OYNO Catalina.

My guess that these small, non-identified triggered Cats are a special promo at our store.  The sale this week is due to the new gas pumps they opened at our store.  These Buy1/Get 2 Free promos are only good at THIS Weis store.
Whatever, it's all good.
I spent $20.42 from my food budget this morning and got $16 back in Cats plus I got another 10 gas points for the gift card purchase.

This last lot gives me a total of $51 in Weis Cats/$5 in Weis Gift Card/$20 in R-A +Ups. $76 in future free stuff.

I'm hoping to do the Gift Card Deal 3 more times between tonight and Saturday.  Maybe some more coffee......
Come on up Judy and I can push you around Weis while you shop....



  1. Sluggy, did you know the $20 Home Improvement(Lowes/Home Depot) cards are producing $10 +Ups this week @ Rite Aid?

    1. Yes Sheila, I mentioned in one of these posts here lately that I got 2 yesterday.
      I might go back tomorrow with the BIL's card and get 2 more. Thanks!

  2. I thought you got the $50 dollar ones...

    1. Now you have me confused too!lol
      I got $50 gift cards(or 2 x $25), which are generating $10 Cats. The other lower value Cats are being generated by I don't know what! I got one for buying a gift card only(plus the $10 Cat), I got another valued Cat for buying food, and I got yet another value of cat by buying a gift card WITH groceries(plus the $10 one I expected).
      It must be triggered by how much you spend since the more I spend in a transaction, the higher the Cat it spits out.

  3. I feel better about the world knowing that you are back to running deals!


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