Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Weis Dairy Month Deal.....Not So Great But OK

Weis(Pound Me In The Ass)Markets had an Instant Savings Deal this past week, while I was on vacation.

It was a "June is Dairy Month" Promotion.  When you purchased $12 in selected "dairy" items, you got an instant $3 Off your order.
Let's not even get into that one of the items in this DAIRY Promo was ICE TEA.

Now in the past, Weis Promos(Catalinas and Instant Discounts)have worked off of regular shelf price....meaning your total before Qs and sale prices had to hit the $12 mark, but you didn't actually have to "spend" $12 in goods to get the discount.
IE--The reg. shelf price was $12 or more, but the sale prices made the order $9.50 and the Qs added on brought your order to $7.00, but you still got $3 off your order, so you paid $4.00 OOP for the items.

So when we got back to town, Hubs and I went up to Weis PMITA Markets and I tried the deal by purchasing....
2 x Friendly's Ice Cream reg. price of $5.99/sale price $1.99
1 x Yo Crunch Yogurt Cup reg. price of .89¢/sale price .60¢
Reg. Shelf Total of $12.87/Sale Price Total of $4.58
With $3 discount the OOP should have been $1.58 for all 3 items.

But the $3 Discount didn't come off.

So I sent Hubs back for more items.....
2 x Daisy Sour Cream  reg. price of $2.29/sale price $1.50
1 x 18 ct. Eggs  reg. price $1.79/sale price $1.69
3 x Yo Crunch Yogurt cups reg. price .89¢/sale price .60¢

With a reg. shelf price total of $22.01 and a sale price total of $11.07 the $3 came off.

I sat for an hour trying to figure out what went wrong here.  Neither reg. price or sale price was at the $12 mark.
And Hubs was none too happy to be send back to get more stuff and I got an earful for that!!! 8-(

Then I read comments from some deal blog readers on this Weis Deal and how there was no rhyme or reason to how this Deal was being applied to folks orders.

And then I figured it out Friday night.
It is/was working off the sale had to actually spend $12(before Qs)on the items to get the $3 discount.

And here is why my sale prices of $11.07 DID trigger the discount....
Our Weis is still having special pricing on some items, due to the Grand Opening of the gas pumps in my town. 
The Friendly's Ice Cream was on sale for 2/$5 chainwide but in our store ONLY it was $1.99 each.

So if you figure my whole order at sale prices and use the 2/$5 price instead of the $1.99 I paid per carton, my OOP before discount, on the sale prices comes to $12.09 and NOT the $11.07 I paid.
That was enough to trigger the $3 coming off.
(I guess there was not a way to make the computer figure our ice cream at $1.99 for the deal ONLY when in all the other stores it was $2.50 each.)

So with the 2 4-packs of muffins I bought with this stuff, I am OOP $13.65.

After having figured out how the Deal was working, I would have loved to have made Sonya Ann super jealous with all the ice cream I wanted to buy!
But seeing as my freezer is mostly full, I nixed a boatload of ice cream and sent Hubs back to Weis on Saturday afternoon for this....

First the $3 off Instant Dairy Deal....
1 x Friendly's Ice Cream=$1.99 *not pictured*
2 x Smart Balance Margarine stuff @$2.99=$5.98
2 x Cabot Cheese @ $2.00=$4.00
SubTotal of $11.97, but using the REAL price of $2.50 for the ice cream, the SubTotal was $12.48
And the $3 Instant Discount came off...$11.97-$3.00=$8.97

Coupons I used....
1 x $1/1 Smart Balance Spread ManuQ=$1.00
1 x $1.10/1 Smart Balance Spread IPQ=$1.10
1 x $1/2 Cabot products IPQ=$1.00

$8.97- Coupons of $3.10=$5.87 for my 5 Dairy Items.

The Greek Yogurt was not part of the deal, but I was out and had a $1/1 IPQ.
$4.19-$1=$3.19+$5.87 dairy items=$9.06

I also had Hubs pick up a Pork Loin at the rock bottom price here of $1.69lb.
My 11.75lb. piece was $19.87.

My order came to the grand total of $28.93.

I gave Hubs $28 in Catalinas to use, so his OOP should have been $.93¢
But the cashier only let him use 1 of the $10 Cats(instead of the 2 I gave him), so he got $18 off in Cats and not $28, leaving a Grand Total OOP of $10.93.

I made a note to myself that I have to do a separate transaction for each $10 Catalina this coming week in order to use them all up.

So everything pictured above plus the ice cream(not pictured)cost me $10.93.
$65.96 worth of food for a savings rate of 83%.
And I have $59 in Cats left to spend this coming week.

So this Dairy Deal was ok but not great, since it worked off of the sale and not the shelf prices.
I did get some things I needed(like eggs, cheese, sour cream, margarine stuff)and the ice cream was a really cheap want.  If I had known the deal was working off of sale rather than shelf I sure wouldn't have bought those single serve cups of sweetened yogurt.  What a waste of money!
But understandable as I had to think fast and I hadn't brought the calculator with me to the store.

Live and learn I guess....
At least the 4 I bought didn't put our food budget into jeopardy or anything.

I'll be running to the store alot this coming week, since I have to use those 5 $10 Catalinas in separate transactions.
Plus I have a ton of +Up Rewards expiring at Rite-Aid so stay tuned for some Rite-Aid trips again.


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