Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Garden is In....Better Late Than Never Edition

We finally got the gardens planted about 10 days before the company started arriving last week. It was STILL May but just barely!
I am pretty worthless when it comes to digging and planting.  It's all I can do to harvest.
#1 Son wasn't here long enough to dig up my gardens this year and Hubs had been laid up with medical issues so we are late getting going this season.

I took this photo about a week ago.....

 It's green beans(vining)in the back row and radishes in the front row.
Hubs says the middle row is collards but I am not sure of that.  It's a 20 foot row and he planted it heavily.  I didn't think I had enough collard seed to have this much sprouting!lol

We'll see later on what he actually planted I guess.

No photo of the front yet but it's tomato plants, yellow squash and colorful bell peppers.

And here is what I've got going on the dog run.....
I've tried to get rid of this eyesore on Craigslist but no one seems to have the cash to take it off our hands right now.  Since the male beagle passed away, the female just doesn't want to be out there in the good weather.  So it sits unused taking up real estate in the backyard.
So I have hung gutters on it.

I'm copying my friend Brenda in Maine.....

These are the salad gutters hanging on her shed from a couple years ago.

I can't nail gutters onto my shed(besides, it doesn't get enough sunshine anyway), so I used the dog run and we wired them on.

And the greens are starting to come up now......

We've got a 3rd gutter piece to hang up yet and plant.  What's great about this is I can harvest without killing my back AND it keeps the resident yard rabbits out of my salad!
At least until they learn to scale chain link fencing....

So now we are keeping the dog run.
Might have to expand this gutter thing and hang some on the back end of the run too.



  1. Great idea. I have never seen those before. Salad gutters! Who would have thunk it?

  2. I love that idea of using the gutters on the side of a shed for growing veggies - I pinned the picture on pinterest! I hate bending over!

  3. You can also put things inside in the ground or in planters that cats want to get into or that bunnies want to munch. Get a couple of chickens and put in there. Just curious--how much are you asking for the dog yard? That is exactly what my hens live in.

    You could put berry bushes inside if birds like to rob the berries and put a net over it. I have thought that if I get rid of my hens ever, I would use the pen to grow things inside. Oh, yeah. Birds can go through the chain link. Oh well, you would have a structure on which to put the netting all around.

    That's a nice sturdy structure for tomatoes.

    If I ever find a dog pen/run priced reasonably, I would get it for more

    That's a great idea that I could still use with my chickens in the pen.

  4. I'm thinking of adding another little garden behind the garage. I know, I'm crazy!

  5. We want to try gutter gardening, too, but haven't found any used guttering yet. We refuse to buy it new.

    This year, Shane didn't diagram where he planted (I usually do that, but passed it all off to him this year). We are constantly disagreeing about what is planted where. Guess I'll be picking that task up again next year.

  6. That is a great idea. You are so talented!


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