Monday, June 18, 2012

Food Spending June Week 3 & Meal Planning?.....Maybe Not

One way to save money is to plan a menu and buy what you need, shopping from a list.  Planning your meals and food purchases also aids in eliminating food waste.
We had no food waste last week.

This is what we actually ate last week......

SUNDAY--Spaghetti with Sausage and Vegetable Pasta
MONDAY--Taco Bell
TUESDAY--Burgers on Roll, COC
WEDNESDAY--Barbecue Chicken, Grilled Asparagus
THURSDAY--Domino's Pizza, Tossed Salad
FRIDAY--Leftover COC, Chinese Food, Spaghetti, Pizza
SATURDAY--More Leftovers COC, Salad, Hot Dogs with Sauerkraut

Thursday's dinner was changed to Pizza, due to the 50% off code for Domino's.
I must say I REALLY don't like Domino's pizza now.  This is the first time we'd had it since they changed it.
And somebody told me it's "spray on garlic??"  yuck.

I scrapped Friday and Saturday's menus as we had so many leftovers from earlier in the week.
I think it's because the teens weren't here for some meals, so we just ate the leftovers.  Hubs could have heavier food and I could eat lighter since it was hot and I didn't feel like pasta and hot dogs.
And I got a break from cooking.....go me! ;-)

Food Budget matters....
I've been a shopping fool this past week, doing the deals at the Weis Grand Opening Sale in my town.
I spent on food/toiletries this week....$179.02
(That includes a couple receipts from last week I just found, $14.39 worth.)
I did buy 3 Lysol toilet cleaners on Saturday's trip to Weis, which I will submit for a $3 rebate(making those $1 each after rebate).  That purchase/rebate brings my weekly spending total down to $176.02.

Reg. shelf price for what I bought....$520.46
That's a 65.60% savings rate.

Now granted I DID buy 12 12-packs of soda, 4 6-packs of vitamin water, 6 bags of cookies, 6 bags of chips, muffins and pizza rolls at the Grand Opening Sale at Weis over the course of the week.
But last week, I also got....6 lbs.of local honey, flax seeds, quinoa, 6 loaves of bread, 12 lbs. of coffee, asparagus, toilet cleaner, laundry detergent, corn, potatoes, other produce, 6 lbs. of ground beef, 2 lbs. of shrimp, a 3lb. bag of potstickers, seltzer and a box of cereal.

I just have to take all that junk food and hide it before #2 Son comes home and figure out how I am going to dole it out to him.  If you've been reading here for some time, you KNOW #2 Son has little self-control when it comes to soda and cookies.  I have to limit it or he'd have it all consumed in days.  I'm going to see if I can make the soda last until October.  The cookies?....I'll be lucky to get through August before the only thing left are crumbs.

I've given myself $400 for food this month. I have spent to date $306.91, so I have $93.09 left for June.
The Human Eating Machine(#2 Son has left the building for the rest of June so I should be able to keep the spending on target.


This week's menu.....
No Menu this Week
Me and Scarlett will think about that another day.

So what is everyone else eating this week?
C'mon.....make me jealous with your awesome cooking and food choices!



  1. Love the pics! My favorite movie. I definitely have to start planning out meals better! :-)

    1. Erin--Thanks for coming to see me today and leaving a comment! I live to meal plan....done it so much it's just second nature to me now. Due to circumstances this week I am not cooking until later in the week so I'll work on it the next couple of days to get a plan in place for the end of the week.

  2. Nice shopping! And good luck doling the goodies out to #2 son :)

    Well, things are a little different for me here than they were before I moved here :) Now we eat based on what will make Dad happy, and that seems to be a lot of fresh fish, asparagus (and not much else in the veg department), and a very expensive brand of greek-type yogurt. I have, however, started to get sneaky. He thinks he likes specific things but doesn't seem to notice if other versions are substituted in the specific-thing container. So we will now be reconstituting frozen oj and putting it in his Tropicana bottle, as an example. 24/7 in-home care is taking waaaay more money than we have, so being sneaky with some items seems like a necessary compromise.

    1. Pretty--I used to be sneaky like that when the kids were little. Reusing name brand cereal boxes for the generic stuff, etc. They never caught on so more power to you with your dad! ;-)

      You do what you have to to make the money stretch, huh? Nice to see you back!

    2. Another way to fool your Dad into non-Greek yogurt, is to strain a big container of regular plain yogurt and mix that with just a small container of Greek. That is if you can do that secretly....

  3. My hips are so sore from teaching this morning I think I will have Tylenol 3 for dinner and call it a night. Hubby can have left overs. Tune in tomorrow to see if I can walk.....

  4. If I were to visit you, I would sniff out those cookies in no time flat! You can keep the soda.

  5. Frankly my dear... My husband and one daughter are out of town, so I'm trying to be creative with what groceries we have in the house until this weekend. Probably won't make it...

  6. I've decided to fool around with South American and Asian stuff. Chicken with beans, plantains, etc. I bought what I thought was a huge roll of refrigerated sushi -- only to find it was pickled radish. So there will be a salad ever night with some of that on it! I've got us on a tofu kick too....

  7. I'm not sure there is such a thing as too garlicky in our house. We all love it. Domino's is not bad. Papa John's is better. Casey's (Midwest gas/convenience store chain) is the best! Pizza Hut sux.

    Oh, what? You didn't ask my opinion? Sorry.

  8. I am planning on having a half pint of vanilla ice cream and calling it a late dinner since it is after midnight.

  9. No awesome cooking going on at my place!! The men folk were freaking out yesterday when we ran out of refried beans(though I don't fry them). You would have thought I was starving them to death!! I had to freeze all the fruit I bought last Thursday so it would not go to waste. So today, I am torturing them by cooking up another batch of beans in the crockpot. Smells great here, but in the end I think they are just beans. My chocolate just does not go well with beans;-)

    I write up meal plans and try to stick with them. Funny how those weeks no one is hungry, like last week. So leftovers the rest of the week. Now that, is awesome.

    blessings, jilly


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